5D in the Air

Tips on seeing 5D.

Today feels heavenly and that’s what 5D is.  It’s been here awhile yet at times it stands out more for me than others.  Today is one of them.  I will say I find it harder to see/feel in the city yet it’s everywhere.  The colors are brighter/crisp and it just feel… good.  It’s as if a filter has been removed.

The first few times I saw it, I was actually wearing my sunglasses so this might help.  Being in nature sure does, too.  Find a park.  Often it will sneak up on you.  So relax, soften your eyes… you might be trying to hard.  Check your mood/vibration.  Think, peace.  I was at a busy place either today and I felt 5D before I saw it.  Open your heart.  5D is all about LOVE.  Look up and around.  It might start on the outskirts and then you can pull it in.

Happy practicing and seeing the even more intense beauty and… feeling the bliss.   And feel free to share your 5D view as well.  Sharing is caring. 🙂


4 comments on “5D in the Air

  1. For the longest time, if I focus my eyes just right, I see little light dust in the air. Very rarely I see it indoors too. Some people call them Light Beings. Outside in the sun is the best place to see them.

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