Visionary Lightworker



I have found that one word definitely doesn’t describe the role that one can hold in this new spiritual paradigm. Teacher, Healer, Channel, Wayshower, Awakening Guide, Guardian, Gatekeeper, Gridworker, Lightworker… and oh the list can go on and on.  I also anticipate seeing some new words/titles as we grown into our new understanding/remembrance/uniqueness. 

Words/labels can help others find and connect yet we are unlimited and many, many aspects.  While words can and do carry a vibration, words are just that – words.  In some dimensions they hold no vibration.

I was drawn to the word lightworker many years ago and I like to keep it simple.  Yet, I am constantly changing. The word choice of  Visionary Lightworker  came to me (a bit to my surprise).  Now, there seemed to be a difference.  I will say that one is not better than another, type.  And… am I the only one?  Hardly!  Many are.  Most either don’t need the label or haven’t aligned to the word choice… yet.  A few have.  🙂

I spent years working in the “past” and quite some time working on the, present.  This seemed to open to gateway to the multidimensional verses a timeline of past and future.  I have though always been drawn to the future yet honestly in the big picture, I’ve just dabbled in it.  Yet, we are all from the future.  It does explain why so many lightworkers have a push/longing to serve.  They are striving to reach a certain amount of remembrance.

A word/label/role that never really seemed to stick for me was, psychic.  Many can make predictions but things are now changing so fast and at times even a skilled intuitive can be a bit blinded.  There are so many options and possibilities.  A being can only see as far in the future as their inner energy will allow them.

So I’m being asked to understand this role.  It seems to tie into not giving answers but teaching others how to get their own.  This resonates with me and most of my choices thus far.  To teach another to fish verses giving them a fish.  We are teaching the next wave of teachers.  It’s also about anchoring light on Earth and ties into the 2020 theme.  🙂


So we’ll see how this unfolds.  ❤ and thank you for reading and being a part of my journey.  I am honored.


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