Basic communication.  Like, hello.  Lol.  I noticed some time ago that many don’t make eye contact.  Eyes are the window to the soul.  I’ve also been noticing how many divine moments we miss as we just pass a stranger.  Often they are not a, stranger.  They are a part of our play and soul family.  I always have been a friendly and social person.  (I can though tell when I’m processing and need to stay to myself.)  For some reason though these past few weeks, other’s responses have changed. 

Ahhh… I’ve changed.  Well, we’re all changing.  I’m getting more, deer in the headlight moments at my simple greetings like hello, how are you, you look nice today or can I help you with that?  So I know that my light is increasing (yours, too) but for comic value I’ll share the responses I’ve gotten:

  • Are you flirting with me?
  • What do you want?
  • Are you crazy?

I feel like singing the Megan Trainer song, No … I’m just being a human being.  Talk about a lightworker alert.

I also wanted to mention communication with Mother Nature/Earth.  You know the saying, if a tree falls in the forest would anyone hear it?  YES!  I was outside and there was a wooded section not far away.  We had rain the day before but now the sun was out.  I heard a tree sway and then fall.  I could feel the impact.  It was as if my hearing was tuned up for this and muting other sounds.  It was also as if I was connected to that tree.  If you’ve been spending time outdoors/with Mother Nature, she is talking to you!  We pull all of these signs to us, to remind us.  This tree falling for me meant on old timeline (trust me one that had, roots and I’ve been working on for a decade) had finally fallen away.  I’ve also heard several booms the past two days so it’s more than just my personal timeline.  A lot is going on.

Yesterday as I drove home I came to a stretch in the road that had what seemed like  hundreds of dragon flies.  I’ve never driven through so many and it was a surprise, delightful and a special moment.  What a great reminder of Spirit.  It might just have been a small portal opening 🙂

Today, a mouse greeted me.  Usually they scurry away.  The past few days have been big spiritual energy so I was waiting for Stuart Little moment, lol.  At this point, not much would surprise me.  It ties into the stop playing small theme that was reiterated to me in line as a mom was screaming to her son (yet in my ear) to get the BIG one.  No, not that one… BIGGER!  Huge, colossal, mammoth.  Spirit makes me laugh.  I then got in traffic on a normally quieter stretch of road and was surrounded by oversized vehicles and wide loads.  tee hee  Big things are being moved around.

So it seems after quite some time of, go slow, rest, do no thing… a heads up is being given.  Big change is on the horizon.  While we’re each possibly at a different place in our own journey, for me I know I need to remain neutral right now.  The other morning I had a great idea and Spirit quickly put a kibosh on it.  There are times to push ahead no matter what (you’ll know) and times to stay open and trust.

And a heads up, there is an on guard energy in the collective.  To be, vigilant.  If your mind doesn’t understand, it will feel… awkward/concerning.  Being open (verses on guard/closed) is good so… relax.  If an issue is bothering you, ask yourself if you can control it?  Probably not.  So, let go.  It’s in the hands of the Divine.  You will be guided if action is needed on your part.

You may also be feeling a tug of war in your mind.  Spirit will remind you that you have done enough and everything is working out.  You mind though will scream, Do something.  The pressure energy is also available.  (Not that you’d chose this but…)  For some right now it’s 100% pain.  There is no wrong way to do this journey.  You can work it out or… pull, even more, inward.  Find, peace.  There is always a way.

There are also these time lapse moments (aka, brain farts/fog).  You are gone and then back.  No memory.  Fun, right?   🙂

While many are communication with their Guides/Higher Self/Source, some are in a bit of a lull.  Nothing is wrong.  So enjoy communications with the other members of your Divine Team that are surrounding you.

4 comments on “Communication

  1. Worry has been on my mind. It has been a tiring day. I spent 2 hours looking for a cord to my 3DS for my nephew to play it, and then it was in the 3rd place I looked. I had just given up, and I was inspired to check just one more time. This was after he had to go to Urgent Care for falling off the monkey bars at school. He should heal up fine with no stitches needed.

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  2. I have been feeling an inward pull for a while, but at the same time there is this feeling that much is going on “under the surface”, that things are being moved into place. I had a buzzard fly overhead the other morning when I was outside. It appeared to literally stop in mid-air over my head. I remember feeling that he just may swoop down and land near by. Birds are very much surrounding me right now.
    What a ride!

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    • I think you know how I feel about divine buzzards… helping us to recycle the energy/be alchemists. You’re doing an amazing job. Awakening/the journey/ride is not for sissie’s. So many peaks, valleys and bizarre in between. Hugs and <3!!


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