More or less


Okay loves, lights and fellow visionaries, we seem to be anchoring more light.  If you feel like you need more sleep or are feeling heavy, that’s what this is.  Go slow.  You are doing enough.  Your mind might try to push you but your body just won’t, go.  Thank your body for reminding you.

I watched the news last night.  I do on occasion for a variety of reasons.  After a few minutes though, wooziers… many examples of how this energy is affecting others.

I already seem to have a good handle on the visionary aspect.  It’s so simple!  When one hears this word they can think of the future, plans/projects and big ones, goals, and making sustainable change, now.  This would be a 3D version of a visionary.  This is not about, work.  This is about being.  It happens naturally.  It’s so easy, in the flow and subtle.  Just by using new sight, it just happens.  It is a great opportunity to use the gifts that we have and will be growing into.  It is the Master skills and a time to shine.  I will remain open to continued guidance and share.

When I see today’s date of 6/9, I think/see a ying yang.


This is not about more or less but, balance.  So use/do/have more or less until you feel the balance.  At times we use extremes to get us into alignment.

And play with time.  You can slow it down and speed it up.  It starts with your breath and mindset.  If you’re in a hurry, you can slow it down so that what you need to get done, will get done.  Breathe.  And if that doesn’t work it might just be a hint hint from the Universe to, let go.  And if your bored, you can speed it up by getting in your heart space.  There is so much to be inspired about and acting in love and service.

I saw the above beach picture online and thought it was beautiful.  Yet, what do you see?  A white sandy beach, the aqua water or… the storm cloud?  It’s all beautiful!  So let’s make it a great day!  Well, it already is the moment you open your eyes.  Much love to you.  ❤

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