The Spiritual Pool


While I’ve been on my spiritual journey for my entire life, I made several choices a few years ago and dove into the deep end of the spiritual pool.  Down and up for air and then down again… even deep and for longer.  A few months ago, I came out and dried off.  Yet I made a few quick jumps or cannon balls back into the pool – just for the fun of it.  Yet a few days ago I came out certain I’d had enough pool time.

With a more recent reset… as I sat on the side of the pool (yes I’m being symbolic), you’d think it would be like a vacation at an all inclusive resort.  Well… the chair was a bit uncomfortable.  No waiter/waitress ever came to see if I’d like a refreshment.  The book I was reading was, boring.  No one seemed social/approachable.  Then the sunny skies turned cloudy.  Seriously?  Yet I knew all of this was happening for a reason.  I tried to take a nap.  I did to awaken, yet again.  Should I head to my room?  Wait… I don’t even have a room here.  Have I just been pool crashing?  This mini-vacation/dream is over.  On to the next adventure!


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