Do Overs are in the air

Seriously, the messages and writing just keep coming forth. Isn’t it 5 o’clock somewhere?  So just a heads up/perspective.  Coming soon to a location near you…. Do Overs.  At first I sighed thinking I don’t need a do-over.  I’ve spent years letting go of situations and stuff and there isn’t much I’m reclaiming.  I mean isn’t the point to be, light?

For most of us there has been something we’ve believed in and desired.  We tried… and then possibly tried even harder to no avail.  The timing just wasn’t right.  Now I’m being advised those situations are coming back around and the timing is right and supported.  We did the best we could then and this is, NOW.   While it might not have worked out before, don’t carry over that energy into this new moment/creation.

This is interesting though because we change each and every moment.  A few things that you so wanted a few years… or even days ago will now no longer seem appealing.  If in doubt, I recommend that you just check in to be sure.  There might be a silver lining to the situation that you are getting ready to say no to.

The do overs are also in another way.  If you’ve had a love/family/friend/work issue/lesson/drama, a situation might present that allows you to now encode it in a higher way.  For me, when given the chance, I meditate prior to and send an intention and energy forward.  Then I let go and allow life to happen.

If you worked on a project that you loved and then discovered it didn’t take off as you thought/hoped/dreamed, well don’t be surprised if it does here soon.

There also seems to be a relocation energy in the air.  This one I understand very well.  I looked for housing in a certain area for two years so no avail.  I mean, seriously!?  Miracles and the freak, happens.  Both Divine.

History often repeats itself and why?  For a higher plan to unfold.  I’ve heard, to right a wrong yet I haven’t always understood this word choice.  I could get super spiritual and respond back, isn’t there no wrong… 🙂  This is about transcending.

The visual I was given was seven Earths, all parallel to each other.  Some of us are on 3/5/7/whatever D version.  Regardless, bring it to the next level.  I had a hard time finding a picture that resembled the vision. The earths were much closer… just an energy/vibration away.

So I asked for a preview of mine.  🙂  All I heard was a chuckle.  Okay… I do like surprises, so… surprise me!  I have a feeling things are about to get, real!

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