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I awoke and as I came out of the bedroom, a ray of light was shooting through the house.  I immediately stopped and saw the significance.  I’ve lived here a year and never seen this.  It was so simple yet… rays like these are a sign for me. 

I’ve been sleeping so deeply so no recall.  I meditated and so much of the random from the past week seemed to catch up.  I went to the pool yesterday.  I need to tell you that while I love water, I’m not a good swimmer.  Never have been, even after many swim lessons.  Yesterday I found a quiet spot and did a back float.  In my life, when I enter water, I sink.  As if lead is in my body.  The concept of buoyant… I wasn’t until yesterday.  With no effort what so ever I floated.  What?!  Normally it takes effort to barely stay a float for me.  I’ve never been able to do this… to so enjoy this… so this was amazing.

And a small quinky-dink was as I came out of the pool, a large clock was hanging on the wall and I saw the time (which was correct).  Later when I left I glanced again to see it reading the same time.  Haha.  A moment where time stands still.

I now understand (even more) that these past few years has been about getting the density out of my body.  It has taken years.  It will continue until the day I change forms.  Years ago when channeling started, I could feel my energy reach out and the Divine reach down and connect to me.  It was as if a buddle was formed and I walked in that energy as I received messages.  I could also feel that energy in meditation.  I was either in it or not.  It couldn’t be forced or faked.  This past year I’ve felt the energy come to and through me.   I have literally felt energy moving in me (verses around me).  You will get HIGH and at times feel out of bodyish and even some physical discomfort.  This morning as I meditated I knew the old way of channeling and feeling it on the outside/around me was to some extent over.  It was now in me.  It’s hard to describe but this is a big deal.  To be able to hold and carry that feeling on a more permanent basis.  For me, this is what building a light body means.

It’s funny.  Many thought 5D meant they’d transcend to another Earth.  Some might believe activating a light body would do the same.  No.  You are still here on Earth and very much in your body.  Yet… everything is different.  Both the anchoring of 5D and the light body comes in stages – it’s a process.  Could it happen overnight?  Sure but seriously we underestimate the level of light this is.  We don’t want sunburn or to catch on fire.  It happen gradually.  It’s like being in a tub of water that slowly warms up verse being forced into a hot tub where the contrast feels so different it’s hard to take the plunge.

Weeks ago I heard, I’ll see you on the other side.  It’s one of the simple messages that will play out in it’s many meanings as time unfolds.  For me, now, this means, I’ll see you on the inside.  Months ago I was shown my inner Universe and how it’s been expanding.  Now I thought of the moon cycles.  It is like a waxing and waning of the moon.  An expanding and contrasting.

I’ve been having the time lapse moments so I’ll share a funny story.  I got to the pool to take off my cover up and I quietly freaked out.  For some reason, I thought I was naked (yes, symbolic).  I’m sure this will show up in another version of me’s dream state.  I had completely forgotten about getting dressed/ready.  Where had I gone?  Now, I just magically seemed to be at the pool yet somehow I did get myself there – yes also very symbolic.

Time is like ego.  It’s not a bad thing.  So much is written on bad ego and there is no time.  Time is a gift and we need to stop bashing it.  We do though have to learn how to use it differently and to our advantage.

The lulls/times of not receiving messages would though me into a bit of a panic. No guidance.  I did go back and trace the steps to see if I’d done something wrong/missed something.  Well, I hadn’t done anything wrong but I did discover that new wisdom surfaced and I needed time to practice.  Later I was told, we’ll send the lulls till you love them and over time I did.  The lulls are just as much of a gift as the remembrance.  Practicing your Mastery skills and using free will to create.

So I am feeling very grateful and much peace.  I love the moments when it all catches up, makes sense in your mind and flows through every cell of the ones body.

Oh and a tidbit… Stop playing small = stop playing safe.  You are already protected.  This is not permission to do something dangerous or stupid but in what way can you take a step out of your comfort zone to feel, alive!

I’m thinking they need to make a TV reality show on AWAKENING!  Seriously, we have “plot”!  Take a handful of these blogs and all the material we’ve documented or just spend a few short weeks with us.  Drama, comedy, suspense and mystery all rolled into one.

7 comments on “Light Body YES

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  2. I do play small. I have fears of playing big. Hidden in the deep anonymity of my blog, I release deep thoughts that I wouldn’t even think had not I written them. Yet, I go through life pretty small. I would blend in much better if I didn’t insist on talking to strangers like they are my best friend.

    Which oddly enough makes me great for customer service. It also would make me the perfect secret shopper (only I would feel too bad to give anyone a bad review) as I would really try to talk to the cashier (if there is no line.) Some cashiers are brief in their response giving off a feeling of don’t talk to me. Which I respect.

    Am I blubbering again… what does this have to do with the post… Uh… yes playing small.

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  3. Time lapse moments galore here, especially while driving. I have not thought I was naked (yet lol) but I often forget entirely where I am and what I am doing. Kinda freaky in the midst of driving three children somewhere. Ahhh! Hello 5D nice to meet ya. lol

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