You are ready.


Gheez, I feel like I get done writing one post and I’m right back writing another so thanks for reading along.  Really this is not new but each moment now does feel, new.  Signs/dreams/messages and understand them has come up in numerous ways these past few days.  So I just offer a perspective…

I was once told by Spirit that the Universe answers questions before we even ask and, in my journey they’ve proven this.  This also ties into one of my core messages of, everything is in reverse.  We ask a question in a certain vibration.  Often worry, fear, doubt, anger, fill in your own _____.  The answer is right there but we don’t hear/see/feel it.  Often we feel we have to wait for the answer.  At times for days or years.  In some sense we do have to get up to speed, vibration wise, with the simple perfection of the answer/sign that has already been provided.  Seem crazy?  Yes!

Basically, get out of the vibration causing the fog.  Being neutral/detached/calm.  Otherwise we need a bit (or a lot) of space to then make the connection.  So hindsight.  Yes, at times we are looking in the wrong direction.  Actually much of my journey has been from hindsight when all I wanted was foresight – ugh and lol.  This though is changing for many of us.  🙂

Often we never make the connection because we get busy, moving on to the next question/issue (or keep asking the same question, still not able to see).

When channeling started for me, I was a bit surprised.  Then through channeling, I was taught many things, including how to channel.  For a period of time the Universe worked with me on seeing, signs.  At the end of the day I’d be asked what signs I saw and what I thought each meant.  At times, I’d say that they (Spirit) only provided one.  Then I’d be, schooled.  They actually provided many but I never saw them as a sign.  So if you’ve been asking a pretty regular question and still no answer/sign, get calm and think/reflect/ponder again.

This also ties into at times another can see an answer clearly when the person in it, can’t.  These are the lessons we came here to figure out and while support and guidance sure do help, only we can do this.  Many are having to work through some very real issues at the moment.  Yet to another it might seem like drama or even an illusion – seeing past all of it.  It’s a lesson another has already mastered.  Well, either way you succeed.  Your can either slow and steady work through it (in density) or try to be your own best friend.  Take the issue and explain it (to yourself).  As if you were explaining to your best friend (higher self).  What advice would be offered?  Even a lightworker can get a bit caught up in their own lesson.  It’s okay – that’s what we came here to do.  🙂   So give yourself a break and some credit!

Next topic.  I love wordpress.  I’ve been having some issues though for awhile now and no luck with WP Help either – shucks.  I think something hiccupped when I migrated to windows 10.  So often I can’t like another’s article – I’m not ignoring you. Usually though I can comment.  For some strange reason I couldn’t this time so,  Adam (hope it’s okay I bring attention to your great work) you can read my comment here to your Quantum Wave post:  Thank you – this really helped me.  On occasion I’ve been asked (by Spirit) if I’m ready to be famous and I don’t care for/respond well to that F word, lol.  You’ve now provided a reference I can align to.  Blessings!

We hold ourselves back.  There are so many words that have a definition yet we create a different meaning; one that holds a vibration.  The word famous for me held both good and not so good connotations.  Now I smile.  We are alchemists so we can change anything.  Often it’s our thinking.  Thanks Adam for being my teacher.

Which reminds me that I chuckled when my son said over the weekend that the waves (for body boarding) were, sick.  Sick… as in really good.  I was also struggling a bit with a health issue/clearing so I, too, decided to align to, sick, is a really good vibration.  And sure enough, it was the last day I was sick.

And finally, I received a very interesting and heart felt message.  I channeled for two years and it was amazing.  Every question I had was answered.  Many of them deeply personal.  A year ago my home frequency got quiet.  Yet other unusual stuff started to happen so I trusted and took it day by day.  While I still received guidance, it wasn’t home.  I know that connection is returning though – exciting and also in a bit different way.  So this is what I noted:

“We took your home frequency away for a reason.  Many.  Yes, to see what you would do.  Many think it’s all they will receive and for some it’s all that they need.  It was to strengthen other skills/remembrance.  And to bring a group along.  They didn’t/couldn’t channel either so how else would you get them to channeling?  Thank you for your service.  The group will now be able to channel.  Some already are… and some will be here shortly… in time.  Just remind them that… they are ready.”  I teared up.  Some time ago I wondered, how do you teach another to channel?  Sure I can write a post or… a book for that matter but this is and has been a, process.  Up and down, round and round yet… here we are.  Better together.  I’m honored.  In love, light and service.

So new manta:  I AM READY.  Even better with a smile on your face, I AM ready to/for _____.

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