When bad turns good, really good.


As I walked out the door, I asked for magic. I got, serendipity!  A stop at a small local festival and tucked in the back was a family owned animal rehab.  I once had a dream an eagle landed on my arm.  It was vivid and powerful and… I wasn’t afraid.  Seriously an eagle has talons and when one is flying towards you can feel pretty small and possibly like prey.   Really though, these picture capture me, my nature and… a bit of a walk on the wild side. 🙂

This 20 year old eagle (angel…eagle… really pretty close spelling there as I almost made a typo)  had been shot in the wing and body, survived and has been rehabilitated. Unfortunately the eagle has a damaged wing.  Now, I know how some feel about animal rehab – both good or bad – we aren’t going there.  What I discovered was I needed this moment.  To be this close and to exchange energy.  To have no fear, just total comfort, peace and love.  My significant other  – see the orb by his heart.  Yes!


When the wing brushed my shoulder, it did feel like an angel. And yes, we were all wearing sunglasses for this exchange.  Eagles are my symbol for, FREEDOM!  It seems that the other symbolism is blind TRUST.  Yes, that’s what this journey is about.


We are raised and trained to sort life into boxes.  Bad, good… and not good enough, we need great.  No wonder our mind becomes so separated.  Really, it’s all good. For most things we have a very limited, view.  Often we have no idea of the other sides and reasons, why.  While shooting a majestic animal is, “bad”, how else would a family have gotten the opportunity to love. To teach others?  How else would I have had this moment and opportunity?  Allow a bad situation to become a blessing.

As for me, I was high on life.  It then seemed to set the tone for a reflective day.  Now, I can look back at my entire life and see how this has been perfectly orchestrated.  Every year and step.  Each person and milestone.  Every high and low.  While I’ve been spiritual most of my life, several years ago when I awoke, I felt alone.  It does seem to be a stage in this journey.  Yet now… anything but alone.  Spirituality is my world and it’s very full.  It’s all I do and believe and am.  At times I have to remind myself that another might not believe in Mother Nature/Fairies/Angels/Spirit/the Multidimensional/Energy.  All I can do is be, me.

The past two nights, I’ve sat under the stars.  I’m lucky to usually have a pretty good view. When I was working a gazillion hours a week, I never made time to do this.  You can strive for more, more, more but it is not a guarantee for peace and happiness.

In checking in and asking for guidance, do no thing is now again present.  The next power date seems to be the June equinox on the 20th yet for me… every moment/day is powerful.  I’ve seen how quick life can change; in a split second.  Be open to the Divine.  So actually, I think it’s both.  Be open to Big/Divine yet know that you really don’t need to do.  Really we’ve already done enough and more in the right time and place.

If you’ve been anchoring in the new energy for a while now (months), the next step is how do you walk… in knowing, ease and grace.  So really this isn’t a question because you will quickly learn that it just happens naturally.

Wishing you peace, magic and serendipity moments.  ❤


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