Only good can come from this


Okay, let me start here in my little world.  The sun is out, a nice breeze and the temperature, perfect.  I’m writing from the back deck and I am a blank slate.  This is a good place/space to be in. 

Yesterday the Universe gave me a very clear, sign.  A part that didn’t have to break on my vehicle did.  Without it, the vehicle won’t, run.  It’s a special order part (but of course) and it will take days, possibly a week for it to come in.  Symbolic – yes.  While I had plans… life is what happens for you as you make plans.  Yes, I can make a Plan B but I seem to know not to.  Honestly this is the last week of a slower pace for me before the summer gets busy.  While we are complete in this very moment, maybe there’s a piece I’m missing.  So, I honor this time.  And by no way am I complaining… perspective – I’ll write on Orlando in a moment.

You may be getting new guidance.  Well… yes you are.  For me, it seems to be pointing towards the fall/winter and not so much the now/summer.  Take the guidance and hold it, loosely.  So much can change as we continue to upgrade/experience/create and use our free will.


If the Universe has thrown a wrench in your plans (perfect pun for me personally in this moment)… smile.  It is all working out for you.  Ask yourself, what are you aligning to?  I sure hope it’s peace, love and laughter.

I can hear some asking what do I think about Orlando, Florida?  If you follow along you know I don’t get political and rarely have soapbox moments.  So I’m not planning on starting now either.  I do write on personal healing and am human so I feel great compassion and hold a space of love and light.  It’s not a time to judge or fear.  It might be hard for many to understand, but the Divine is in everything.  Especially tragedy.  If you’ve been affected, I am truly sorry and am holding (in spirit) your hand.  Better together.  We are all, one.  This event does affect us possibly more than many realize; a ripple effect.  Even if you weren’t directly affected, if you’re an empath, you may be feeling the need to, release.  Honor this.

One might even ask… I thought 5D was here and now, and.. it is.  So one might wonder if this is a test… it doesn’t have to be.  My only advice:  Love.  Open heart and mind.  The energy’s are BIG right now and only you can do what is best for you… and in that, it’s best for all.  Emotions are high for many right now.  If you’re in a good place, anchor peace.

It is interesting when you look at it from a timeline perspective.  Some are so affected and others, not.  It’s okay if it’s not even on your radar (as if it doesn’t feel real to you) but if it is, which timeline are you aligning to?  Fear/anger/rage/sadness… or love?  Really it doesn’t matter… it’s all good.  Honor your journey and what’s been placed before you.

I am hoping all is well for you and that you feel loved and supported… because you are.  Love concurs all.  Blessing to all.

5 comments on “Only good can come from this

  1. Yes, the energies are starting to get to me even. I have been hit two days in the row with total exhaustion by the afternoon. My guidance has been prepping me for something big and I am receiving downloads/upgrades whatever that are really intense. Driving was not easy today!

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  2. A childhood friend of mine and his partner are frequent patrons at the Pulse. Thankfully, they stayed home that night. But they lost friends in that horrific event. My heart breaks for them. Yesterday, I was in the worst mood, couldn’t stop crying. And it was my birthday. It was supposed to be a happy day, right? So why was I so sad? Then I heard what happened. I grew up near Orlando. I have friends affected directly by the shooting. And I’m an empath. I think I felt the sorrow of those who endured the terror and made it out. I felt the confusion of those who didn’t make it. I felt the tears of the families and loved ones, of the spirit of my home. Holy moly, it was overwhelming….

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    • THANK YOU, thank you, thank you for writing this. It’s so hard to put into words. I can tap right into the event and aftermath and then remind myself all I can do is hold the families and first responders/caregivers in love. For some, it’s easy to ignore (doesn’t affect them) while for others this is life changing. I was also touched by the former Voice singer’s death (she was so young) that happened the night before (also in Orlando) as if it was a prelude. When disasters like these happen I’ve tapped in and received messages from the souls. Oh, told/taught so much. Often it happens so fast, and while there is confusion, their soul is at peace and dancing/singing/playing in a different place almost immediately. There are so many ways to use our gifts and we are all, one.

      And Happy Birthday! Oh I’m hugging you. ❤

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