The Core


I wrote this late last night and honestly I was a bit, heavy.  While I’m all about floating, love and light (and this will continue), there are moments on this journey that as you make a passage, you do carry some weight.  Until, in your own way, you just… let go.  You have to be willing to freefall into an energy that feels ahead of your time… because it is.  Yet, you will quickly catch up. 

So I offer this writing as just a perspective/snap shot in a much bigger journey.

Many of us have been chipping away at this journey for years/decades… really for lifetimes.  We are all born, knowing.  Yet we choose (at times) some extreme dynamics to, forget.

By the time I was ten, I left not only a childhood but to some extent a bubble of spirituality/magic/innocence I’d been in.  As a teen, I’d have brief yet infrequent moments of remembrance.  A connection to the far greater.  They were powerful.  Yet, I also found them a bit confusing.  Then, life got busy.  As I grew into an adult, I had a knowing that I couldn’t even define.

I was reminded.  I was guided.  And then a shove.  We are being asked to, remember.

I had to reclaim my soul.  It was almost as if I’d pushed it out and away from me.  This alone was a process.  To allow my soul to be safe and happy in me.  To trust and to… listen.  For some they never have this issue.  🙂  I was grounding.  Then, I had to learn of my higher self and integrate that.  Again, a process.  Yet… it didn’t stop there.  So many soul aspects, which ones did I now need?   My soul was a kaleidoscope.  I was being, remade.  I needed to float.  Yet… it didn’t stop there either.  Let’s just take all of this and upgrade again.  I could use words like, creating a light body and, awakening a universe; my universe.

As each step/upgrade/rebirth progresses, you have to lessen to then expand again.  As time goes on the process feels familiar yet the dynamics are different each go around.  At times, it’s darkest before the dawn and can be a bit confusing.  Almost as if to throw you.  Right before the next layer of light can beam, you must look at any issues that might block you.  So… in the void.  As you go to the light, a few things can come up.  This time though, I knew this was deeper than my last round.  The only words I could come to was, I’m (almost) at the core.  While this is a glorious moment, honestly, I could feel the feeling… where you just wish to give up; not push ahead.  At times the issue(s) will feel like a block/wall that just won’t, give.  You can skirt around it but it will make sure that you know this.  You do have the power to walk through it.

I knew the core was source.  My source.  It was my soul that I meet years ago but now with a new understanding.  An ascended soul/master.  I’ve come to far to not embrace this.  And so I proceed.  To understand/embrace what I wasn’t ready to before.  To become even more light.  The darkness/block/walls/issues are very temporary and will fade almost as an illusion.  Welcome to Mastery.  Welcome to embodiment.  Welcome… home.  The light has always been left on for you.

(The interesting things was, as I finished writing this, I did feel much, lighter and I then heard birds singing… at 1 o’clock in the morning.  Yes, all is well.)

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