The Gift of Confusion


I consistently spell confusion as, confussion.  Yes, it’s such a, fuss.  I’m not confused at the moment, I’m actually quite clear.  Clearly seeing that clarity and confusion are on the same thread.  Without confusion, how else are you going to get clear?  So stop fighting confusion, embrace it!  Work with it. It was brought to you for a reason.

As I went to find a picture for this post, I also found many awesome quotes. Ways to look at the blessing of, confusion.





Right now there is some chaos/confusion energy in the air.  You though don’t need to absorb it.  (There is also profound love energy available so choice wisely 🙂  Know that you are more right on than you know.  If you feel like your getting mixed messages, well… you might be.  You are a multifaceted/dimensional human being.  Your mind might be saying one thing, your heart feeling another and then add guidance from a friend/family or even Spirit… several Spirits/Guides.  This is the moment to pull in and find peace.  Clear the channel.  Then from that space of no thing you can do… some thing.  Something pretty amazing!  Allow unity and your higher self to lead.  We are moving ahead so… ask for the next step to be shown.  Know that it is one that will stretch you a bit.  You are ready and this is what you came here to experience.

For me, as a mom, I often find I’m the one who sweeps up the crumbs.  For some reason no one else see’s them.  Hmm, yet… Spirit is just like this.  Crumbs/reminders have been left.  Look for them.  Subtle = Spirit.  Spirit is easy and simple, too.

And… while you might be asking for your next step, it might already be in your energy.  What are you dismissing and saying no to?  Maybe you should say, yes?  Yes!  It might not be for the reason you think.  Allow the experience to unfold to find the blessing in disguise.

And… for the ones who are deep in this journey… wooziers!  I awoke and didn’t even remember who I Am.  There’s a bit of carry over of the work done another place.  Meditate and clear.  You don’t need to know and if you do, it will be told to you.  Stay calm, stay close.  Hold on since this journey is about to go, interstellar!

4 comments on “The Gift of Confusion

  1. Today I feel in different places at once, here but not here. Though things seem quiet in this physical reality for me, there is a sense of such busyness going on “beneath the surface”. I AM very much in the space of BEingness and every now and again that feeling will come through of I should be DOing something. But its as though I AM asked to quiet the mind, stay in my heart and stay in flow as all is unfolding as it should.

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