You are the driver.


I found myself taken to my laptop often.  Often it is by my mind.  I have thoughts and I just start typing and they come together quickly and a post is created.  Other times it’s more a knowing yet I have no clue what is getting ready to be, typed.  Yes, these are more Spirit driven.  These past few weeks have been, accelerated.  Are we having fun yet?  Are we there yet?  At times it feels like the gas pedal is on the floor.  This is also a choice.  You can go along for the ride or step out of the current and regroup. 

Each moment is powerful… and a choice.  Who are you?  What do you believe?  And what do you wish to experience?  You don’t need to overthink any of these questions since… it’s going to change.  Do the best you can in each moment.

No one is exempt from, life.  Good, bad and all the stuff in between.  Slow, fast and where the heck am I?  At times all one can do is, breathe.  You have more power than you realize though. Whether your in the fast or slow lane, you are the driver.  Pay attention to the road signs and visit the stops you wish too.  You have freedom and choice.  You are welcome everywhere.  Love your freewill and sovereignty.  If you’re confused, stop and consult a map (this could be your heart, a friend or even google) or… even ask a stranger (not… more like an angel) for assistance.  They are a part of your team.

As far as on update on the energies… I could say they are all over the map.  Happy, sad, angry, frustrated…  Yet it’s so simple.  Choice love as your fuel.  Love will guide you, home.

As for me, I seem to have another small yet significant health issue arise.  Damn, two this month.  I googled for some assistance and more importantly I also checked in with my body.  I don’t necessarily agree with what I found online so I know I’ll need to write a post later to offer a different perspective.  We are still clearing much.  Honor this.  It doesn’t need to be in the next chapter of our story.  Let – it – go!

The word for the day seems to be, delight.  The word makes me smile.  You?  Let’s feel delighted, let’s be D Light.  Ahhh, this is part of being, enlightened.  If you haven’t been delighted in a while, here’s a reference picture (found online but then Dayna provided an even better one).


Try it, you might like it.  I’m delighted.  I’m delighted to meet you.  Oh that would be delightful.  Yes!  In your own way find joy, peace and happiness.  Why else would we be here?  Delightful traveling.  Beep, beep!

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