The solstice is basically upon us – just a few days away.  We’ve been experiencing powerful blasts of energy for months now.  I also know many of us have been being prepared for…  honestly we have no clue.  Even if you do have a clue, well…  I could use words like embodiment or activation or upgrade or even, union (depending where you are on this journey) yet…

I can’t label this next step.  At least not now.  I open my heart.  That’s all that matters.  If you follow my blog, you know the ups and downs and round and round and that anything can happen.  It might be BIG yet it might be so small and it’s all important and beautiful.

Part of this journey is having pinnacle experiences/moments.  They are bliss, Heaven… the Divine.  And then, back down (the mountain) we go in that aura/bubble.  It doesn’t take long though and the aura seems to wear off or something pops our bubble.  Yet we travel on/hike again since we are to have these reminders and experiences.  It is the bringing Heaven to Earth.  We are indeed doing this.  And each time we are able to hold more of the aura and a bit longer.

Last night at 2 a.m., I was deep in sleep and awoke startled.  A thunderstorm like I don’t remember.  Now let me tell you, I’ve experienced many/plenty of storms.  I awoke wondering where was I that giants might be walking.  Booms, crackles and thuds.  While I’ve heard the windows rattle before, I could even hear the dishes shake in the kitchen.  Wooziers.  And the lightening pulsed and made the room seem as if it was daytime, almost as if it was a Morse code of sorts.  Mother Nature speaks to us through her many ways and this seemed significant.  After this I did seem to sleep light and dream… yet I can’t remember the dreams at this moment.

I did receive an alert (literally) for, trinity.  And then later, I saw this image (picture above).  Hmm…  That energy doesn’t seem to be done yet.  The mystery.  I could make guesses/assumptions but I allow the Universe since it is a better story teller than I.

And this is Father’s Day weekend.  A great time to work with masculine energy.  Wether that be to honor, clear an issue or to use it to create.  It might just be to balance the Divine feminine, with the masculine and merge more with Spirit as one.

So much of this blog has been about the journey and healing.  Honoring whatever arises.  There are times to pull in and allow time, space and much self-care.  There are also times to be of service yet it’s often not what we, think.  We are serving right now is so many ways.  For many though, you will be walking into a new reality.  The one you have created.  If you are still confused, just open to heart to the possibilities.  The bubbles/cocoons/caves we’ve been in are in the past.  Your new reality awaits you.

So I’m telling myself to take a few days off from blogging yet, you know me.  Haha!  So if I’m quiet know, all is well.  It always is.  For you, too.

Breathe, play, laugh, LIVE.  Remember who you are.  And… all you need is love so… enjoy.  Until next time my lights, loves and visionaries!  Happy Everything.

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