Wolf Power Animal


This lightworker has been assigned/remebered a power animal.  And, just in time with the full moon solstice.  Perfect.  I’ve had dreams of a wolf before.  Honestly I was at a distance and afraid.  Now, I was being inspected as a human and so was the wolf. 

Then, we became, one.  I do believe we’ve had lifetimes as animals.  They do become our power animals/totems.  They are an aspect of us and we can have a favorite/primary yet… many.

I also think of the popular book, She Runs with the Wolves.  I’ve only read a bit of this powerful book by Clarissa Pinkola Estés.  I think I might want to continue reading.

Owl-Wolf-Dream    tumblr_n4dwiqtIwy1smb057o1_1280

A power animal/totem is your teacher.  Allow them to be a part of your team.  Each aspect has so much to teach, when you are ready.  Allow the aspects you need to come to you.  For me, I’m this wild mix of sha-woman/shamanism, mermaid/Atlantis, lightworker/multidimensional, angelic/Heaven realm and, so much more.  Forever changing as well.

Really I don’t need to elaborate on this animal/sign because I will be reminded.  It does become a personal journey.  There are many good online sites though where you can seek additional info/a reference.

So I’ll also share that years ago I meditated on a bolder in the middle of a river.  What a great, spot.  The water was rushing by and I was being reminded of when I was the water.  It was a lesson on letting it go and letting it flow.  We have been and are, everything.

Remain open my loves.  So much can come to light over the next few days.  If you feel inclined please do let me know what your power animal is (or even what you think it is).

14 comments on “Wolf Power Animal

  1. Have book running with the wolfs… and yes wolf is working with me, Owl is with me as well. feeling SO much with this vibration and Summer Solstice tomorrow! Purging all of the old now. I was told by June 27th I would have full embodiment. I am having a biopsy left breast next week with empowerment I let all lower density go. And so it is! living in 5D love.

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