A smile and a bear hug and…


Happy Full Moon, Solstice, Summer and… everything.  This is just a quick update ya’ll. 

The amount of signs and synchonitsies… wow.  I remember the days of asking for a sign and having to pay attention or wait for days or know it was a sign yet not quite understand it.  Now it seems as if I don’t even need to ask… they are there and obvious.

Fear.  Triggers.  This is where the smile comes in.  Old lessons/characters are fading.  You will know when you, smile.  You feel the invitation yet don’t accept it.  You have come to far.  You stay in your newer vibration of peace, joy and love and if a response is needed, you play it out on that level.

Surprises – like has hell frozen over (lol) surprises.  Yes, it has.

Love – moments that are so simple, pure and deep.  Feel it.

Dory moments – could be labeled as short term memory loss moments but you are traveling.  Keep it simple during these times.  You are busy lining and lighting up your new reality.


So much is going on so anything can happen.  One might also be anchoring light and you might notice you’re puffing up (feel bloated, weight gain with no justifiable reason).  This is just a stage.  Of course you weren’t warned because not many would agree to this.   Teeth – oh my.  You might feel each one like never before.  Floss and brush/massage/love.

The animal kingdom also seems to be very active and available.  For me it’s usually birds but now also dogs, deer and bear cubs.  Oh my!  Haha.  They are a part of your team/kingdom.

While a lot is going on, you can also make time to slow everything down and check in… with your body, your higher self or the Universe.  All is well!

And if it’s quiet… really quiet, well, you may have recently made some decisions and now they need to echo.  This is interdimensional ascension.  It can take a day or weeks for the ripple.  Honor this.  Nothing is wrong and before you know it, you will be moving ahead again.  Maybe take a break or have some fun.

If you are feeling blocked, well… hop, skip and jump!  Figure out what is blocking you.

If you’re in pain… you have to be willing to change.  You are not to be in pain and endure.  You might not know the answer(s) but instead of closing/enduring… allow Spirit to work through you and show you the next step.  I’ve been there, it’s hard and can feel overwhelming.  Breathe.  You got this!  Great things can come from pain and change.  You matter!

It seems that many are writing on the solstice (I’ve seen several posts on facebook already and see below) so I don’t need to do that.  So many great ways to look at it.  Most important though is what is significant for you.  Maybe it’s just an average day or it can be quite, enlightening.  Both, divine.  For some you will be feeling the BIG energy; EPIC.

So in closing, I’ll share a small story.  I was in line at a store and a tall and very broad man was in line in front of me.  The woman in front of him turned around as she was done checking out and said to him, Happy Father’s Day.  I’ve had strangers say this to me in the past on Mother’s Day and it was as if they knew – it did make the day extra special for me.  So why didn’t I think of that?  Well… the man responded, That doesn’t apply to me.  I didn’t even think, I gently touch his arm and said, in some way, yes it does.  In some way you have been an amazing father figure/role model.  The next thing I knew I was being bear hugged by this man… a bear hug like I’ve never had.  I think my feet actually left the ground. All he said was, thank you.  This is what being a lightworker/human being is all about.  Reminding others of their inner light, heart and being.  Taking what could be pain and reminding them of joy.  Now yes, this moment could have gone another way but it didn’t.  It was a simple and divine moment – an energy exchange.

For me, simple is often best.  So SMILE!  Hug.  Laugh.  Love on!  You never know what might happen from this alone.  No expectations.  Allow the Universe to love and surprise you and you will do the same.  🙂  ❤


Just in case:  http://foreverconscious.com/spiritual-significance-june-solstice-2016

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