Post Solstice Hangover?


With so many amazing posts written on Solstice, I’m wondering how everyone is doing?  My guess, some may be a bit hungover/dazed/confused/grumpy.  As if one has forgotten all the inspiration that was written just a day or two ago.  You are in the NOW moment and might be wondering, what was all that about?  Now what?  Well…

You breathe.  You smile.  You live.

This journey is a process.  Yes, there are defining moments (and you may have had one :).  There are also periods of change and integration that are so subtle and you just allow them to unfold.  If you’ve checked in yet still feel a bit uncertain, trust that you will be guided soon.

For me, the past few days have been an interesting mix. I can feel and see 5D, the reminders.  I can also see strong energies playing out in other ways, too.

I had what seemed like weeks of deeper sleep with no recall yet the past two nights have been very active.  I awake often certain I’ll remember the clue/message/symbolism/event but sure enough, it’s gone.  I don’t worry since that energy is in my field and will play out in other ways.


I’ve started a few posts and we’ll see if I can get back to them.  I can also feel the next layer of energy stirring in me.  Divine timing.  It will be known the moment it needs to be known.

And in line with timing… for years now when I’m in a line in a store and for whatever reason there is a delay, I smile. I’m patient. I’ve often thought, I’m being protecting from a car accident.  So instead of getting upset/impatient at the situation/person in front of me, I send forward a blessing energy.

What we label as negative situations/delays are just an invitation to be an alchemist.

I’ve often found another just needs a kind moment/energy/reset.  So yesterday I was delayed in line when honestly I was ready to get home.  Then just minutes later, my son and I were the 3rd car behind a fatal accident. A car jumped across traffic and we watched six survivor’s surface from one vehicle (a miracle), wondering about the other.  We’d later find out, not so lucky (or many of you will understand, indeed blessed to go home – I’m also wondering if a medical event happened prior to).

I then watched many human angels spring into action to assist at the scene. The reality of divine timing was also hitting me.  It was a bit of a reality check particularly for my young teen who is so ready to drive.  I was thankful and humble we returned home safe and prayed for the families and first responders.

For many of us, we are energy workers and can stabilize a situation/the roads we drive on just by intention.  I’ve picked up on messages that have been left/encoded along certain stretches of road.  If you haven’t done this before, it is a way to practice one of your many skills.

So… no complaining.  We are blessed.  We are ALIVE.  We have many more full moons, solstices and trips around the sun.  For now, make this moment count.  Choose to feel and be peace and love.  Allow your path to unfold right before you… because it is.   ❤


P.S.  There is a lot of (higher) heart energy.  Breathe!

6 comments on “Post Solstice Hangover?

  1. So glad you were 3 cars behind!! I want one of those devices in your little cartoon. I want to wear it all the time! Especially while I am driving, as I am on a long open road often, and my thoughts are so good! Then they are gone gone gone. Have you seen Finding Dory? It’s so wonderful!!

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  2. The magick of the solstice hasn’t worn out for me, but at least the every isn’t so intense as to give me a headache or k.o. me.

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