We are being asked to SHIFT… yes, AGAIN

Are you ready?

Well kiddos… (I say this greeting to remind that we are supposed to be playing through this thing called life), the energy today has been up and down and now… this sense of relief for me.  Ghee, what was that all about?  A pause?  An attitude check?  Yes, it does feel at times like the Universe holds one in a mood/lower gear. 

Really it’s just a perspective and serves many purposes.  If we were sunshine, roses and unicorns all the time, well… then we wouldn’t be able to help as many as we do.  We are human and emotions are a part of this journey.  We are also more than human so let’s use our gifts/skills.

There are days on this journey where you know to keep things simple.  Today was one of those days for me.  By 4 p.m. I was ready for bed (so unlike me).  What is going on?  I did a resting meditation.  No guidance.  It happens.  Not my part of the story to tell.  Still much is going on that we aren’t aware of… yet.  I’m just to remind that we aren’t supposed to have this all figured out.  That is not the plan.  This is a journey of faith and surprises.  We planned it this way.  We didn’t choose a boring nor average story.  The mystery, suspense and miraculous.

I do seem to know that full moon/solstice energy is getting ready to play out for many.  The next step.  All you need to do is be done with what got you this far.  It served you well.  Now, let go.  Open up.  Get happy.  It’s so easy… too easy… and for many that makes it hard.  Shift happens… attitude matters… choose to think high thoughts and start walking in your power.  You remember enough of who you are.  The Universe has our back and all we need to do is be willing.  So, happy shifting.


While somethings are destined…. vibration = manifesting.  Spirit seems to hint hinting to… what’s bigger than a bread box (surprise vibration) … and oh the places you will go.  🙂

5 comments on “We are being asked to SHIFT… yes, AGAIN

    • That is awesome. It is, right now, all over the board and each moment is new/different. Good things coming… always are. So good to hear from you. Thank YOU very much. Hugs! ❤


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