2020 Collective Vision


I’m in a reflective state of mind today.  If you’ve followed this blog, you know the story of why I named this website – I was thinking ahead.   While 2020 is still 3.5 years away, it’s on my mind in this moment. Yes, a lot can happen between now and then.  While most of this blog/my writing and experience is about being present and taking this journey day by day, step by step, well…

Really before we know it, the year of 2020 will be here.  And, we truly underestimate our actions.  The small things we do now, matter.  They do have a ripple affect and make paths.  At times those paths become well traveled roads.

Years ago, before I dove into the deep end of the spiritual pool, I did have a few references.  I’d read books and watched videos of famous spiritual teachers.  They made all of this… spirituality/life/way look so easy.  So why wouldn’t I want to know more?  I’d tried a few other ways conventional ways and still had so many questions.  More traditional ways just hadn’t worked for me.  My journey though then took a dramatic shift.  Basically all hell broke loose… or so it seemed.  I didn’t remember those famous teachers mentioning this was part of the deal.  It would have been easy to get mad and dismiss the path/teachings/teachers.  Yet… something in me believed, continued and I’d come to find out, indeed this was part of the/my plan and… it was divine.

I had years where I felt I was off course and at times this seemed to be mirrored back to me.  I often felt like I had no reference.  Now, I smile.  Just think… the next wave will not be as blindsided since so many of us have been writing our experiences/truth as a reference.  We are better together.  I am just one person yet I am a part of a team and something far greater.  I am humble and honored.  I also know that each wave has their own dynamics.  It adds to the challenge of awakening/evolution while at the same time allows creation and free will to play out.  The never ending variety.

So I just wanted to put this (my thoughts) out there.  We’ve had generations/lifetimes of teachers before us.  Each doing their best and I thank them.  We have quite a variety to choose from, too.  There is a strong wave of teachers rising up now into action/service.  And their are many students.  Just look at facebook pages.  Hundreds/thousands/millions of followers/believers/curious.  Now it’s almost as if a 3-4 year cycle is between these waves.  So just by simple math, within a decade so many more will awaken.  I awoke in a time that while many already believed, the area/dynamics that I was placed in, not so much.  I needed to reach out and a web of support was created.  I’ve been a firm believer that awakening/ascending is a process and it is not to be rushed.  It will happen on it’s own.  Well, it is and has been, happening.

The 2017 teachers (we are all teachers) will be pulling up the 2020 teachers and then the 2020 teachers will pull up the next wave and so on and so on.  By 2020 (well, even now) we will also be seeing new souls who are very wise.  They do not hold the density/lessons/karma/dna that previous souls did.  They will not have as many filters as we had either.  They are lightwokers/change agents like we haven’t seen yet.  They will come when this planet is ready… or not, lol.  That is also part of their mission.

So I feel like my 2020 vision is, expanding.  A much broader view.  A few years ago a focus was on the incoming souls.  Now it’s on all.  Those who are waking up, those who are enlightened, and those who yet to have a clue.  Really one is not better than the other.  Each one is perfect and very special.  It’s all a coke a cola world where we work in perfect harmony (singing that old commercial, haha, dating myself).  This journey has taught me to embrace all.  All is… awesome.  Can I say though that I’ve had to go to some pretty dark places to discover this?  There is nothing to fear.  Bravery again and again turned into knowing and peace.  This is also about team work and respect.  When I think of respect, I think of, Namaste.  Each has a divine soul that is to be honored.

So really we aren’t selling anything.  We aren’t pushing anything either.  We also don’t fix anything because nothing is broken.  We are being… who we came here to be.  That is enough.  So this is not about making plans/goals/mission statements.  It’s not about control.  We are to be fluid.  Our job was to awaken, remember, stay open and do/create whatever brought us joy.  To do what we love.  For me, I love spirituality.  Everything else just falls into place… eventually 🙂

Your life is a vibration.  When you think about it in this simple way, things become clear.  How do you… live?  Who are you?  What are you attracting?  What do you wish to create?  I’m looking forward to all of the wonderful opportunities, interactions and exchanges.  Feeling the love.  This is going to be a… joy.  Let’s enjoy!

And… one of my signs for the day greeted me on the front porch.  It is time to shed our shell.  It protected and served us well.  We are, anew.

So… to infinity and beyond… and back again.  Paving the way to a brighter future.

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