Let’s Play


Okay.  Where are we?  What day is it?  Haha!  How is everyone doing?  I’m not even sure I have an update.  Usually I have a good sense of the next step/theme but honestly…

I don’t.  This is not a bad thing.  Often one will fight this neutral zone.  It does seem to be a kinda funky in between.  It’s not rest time nor get er done action time either.  So self-care, going with the flow or having some fun would be good choices.  I went to see Finding Dory and yes, loved/recommend it.

The past day or so, some hours have been quiet… some an energy knock out and a mini rest is needed and then a joyful energy spirt.  It can feel like juggling as you also mix in life.  It might even feel like you are juggling between 3 and 5D.

I do take some cues from nature and we’ve had some stormy weather here.  Rain = release to me.  Wind = change.  Thunder = power struggle.  Lightening = Power.  Sunshine and smooth sailing is on the way though – always.

If in the past you had headaches, etc. with awakening, don’t be surprised if you have some new symptoms.  They could be anything.  I’ll mention lymph nodes that you normally don’t even notice are puffy.  Why?  Your body is clearing/cleansing so don’t panic.  Relax and check in with your body to know.  I’ve noticed when I’m taking in energy I need to eat light yet there are times you find yourself hungry, often.  Trust that your body knows what it’s doing.  I would note the odd/bizarre signs and events.  My bet is the Universe will be explaining these to you soon if not now.

I also had another sunglass day – your inner light/pineal gland is awakening even more and you will find yourself with squinty eyes.  You may also see quick flashes of bright light 🙂

A few good questions might be, are you ready to be more?  Are you done with fear and doubt?  Yes…?  Yes!

Forth of July is 10 days away (in the USA) and a reminder of freedom, independence and sovereignty.  So, use your free will.  Work, play, pray, meditate, juggle… it’s all good.  Until next time my light, loves and visionaries!


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4 comments on “Let’s Play

  1. I remember when my lymph nodes randomly where swollen. I even went to see a Doctor who confirmed nothing was wrong with me. Ahh good times.

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  2. I saw Finding Dory the other day too! I loved it so much! So many great lessons in it, like following intuition. Did they show a short animated film first called Piper? If so, wasn’t it the cutest?! I’m glad you loved Dory.
    Happy juggling,

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    • I loved Piper!! I liked the x-ray vision, loved the shell symbolism and all roads lead to home and, the Dory thinking. What would Dory do? At times we overthink and just have to do the best we can, step by step. Hugs Mary!! ❤

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