I actually wasn’t going to blog today realizing I always blog on Monday but…  (I do believe change is good and at times you need to shake things up.)  So don’t you love reading the well thought out posts where it all flows so nicely?  Haha, this probably wouldn’t be one of them.  Just passing along a few things.

Over the past few days, several have mentioned cars jumping in front of them and then breaking for no real reason.  Well, Spirit works in many ways.  Could it be that an answer (to a question you have been asking) is on a bumper sticker or license plate?  Bless the person (not cuss) for helping you to see your sign.  And the sign alone might just be to, slow down… look around.  I had this happen years ago and I glanced at the street sign and the name of that particular road answered a question I had.

In talking about signs, again Adam is my teacher.  A sign for me the past two weeks has been cup lids which he just happens 🙂 to mention in this post. Several coffee cup lids seemed to pop off and other’s even taking the time to make sure my “lid” was on tight.  It happened again Saturday and the nice lady at the register (after she man handled my cup and lid to the point I wasn’t sure I even wanted it anymore), I knew it was a sign.  She was just doing her job and possibly unbeknownst to her, playing her role in my play.  An angel.  This is exactly how signs work.  Strange and random happens all the time and yes, it is a reminder.

I’ve been feeling this internal healing for weeks/months now. Like disease is being cleared and I just get a small(er) side effects now. When one awakens, you are choosing a new blueprint.  I’d bet we each hold thousands.  The disease was to potentially play out but now just doesn’t serve us.  And crystal are popping up in my ears again.  I had this happen months ago and another is back.  My significant other said I’m a crystal packing momma… oh in more ways than one, lol.

Last night at sunset the air felt different.  I was then watching the clouds and they looked purple to me.  I can’t say I’ve ever seen this.  I’ve seen pink and even a sky that seemed to be on fire.  Ahh, 5D.  I did wonder about the symbolism of purple clouds.  All I could think of was Prince’s song, Purple Rain and being a metaphor for the joy she’d be basking in.  Okay, yes, I was… and let’s all continue to be in joy.

Haha… and we all seem to be working together.  I love this!  Dayna’s post  I’m honored.  Better together!  Have an awesome day!

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