Enough is Enough


The energy today is interesting.  You might feel as if you are clearing, being quizzed or on hold.  It’s as if the energy is half-in and half out.  My reality here is, is it going to rain or not?  Good analogy because you can’t always plan your life around weather.

Weather/whether or not certain factors are going to happen.

This journey is about patience.  Incredible patience.  There are so many times when you… a part of you wishes for something different or more but it’s just not in the cards in the moment – divine timing.  And you are okay with this and hold peace.

Then there are moments when you realize you aren’t waiting on… anything.  You are the Divine.  You are a… the creator… of your own world and life.  It’s not an attitude… it’s a knowing.  Knowing that you do have the power. You have to get/step up.  You have to walk out of the fog/certain reality/illusion. You have to create and you will when you are ready/strong enough.  And you do create with Spirit.  It’s not about forcing or working hard, it’s about vibration.

So check your essence.  Are you happy/ready/knowing?  Are you aligned to your reality or have you become a settler??  A new reality is just a vibration away if you are ready to make a change.  Bump/shift yourself into the vibration you need.  You are a Master now and the Universe isn’t always going to do it for you.  The Universe does though have your back.  Call forth what you need.  You move and the Universe will, too.  Open yourself up to support and guidance from Spirit.

I grew up on Donna Summer and loved her music.  So this seems to be the theme song:

There is no wrong way to do this… to be spiritual.  Do what you love, what makes your heart come alive.  I seem to write for a variety of reasons and audiences so this post might not fit your situation, today.  (I do thank you for reading.)  For some, there’s a “place” that has been, enough.  The experience has served you well and it’s time to move along. The Universe will remove any situation that is no longer serving you but you still might need to acknowledge this and take the first step.

Life is short, live it!  Love it!  Let’s play.

2 comments on “Enough is Enough

  1. I channeled some information last night regarding this. “Paradox is the pivot-point in evolution. By allowing manifestation of non-action to be OK, the manifestation of action will paradoxically come quicker.” Seems to be on par with this message. 🙂

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    • Awesome! Thanks so much for saying. We aren’t waiting on miracles… we are the miracle (humbling stating this). The sooner we walk in our power, use our gifts (at our newer level), etc. BAM!

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