Flying grasshopper


Yesterday the energy was amazing and then a switch was flipped.  I felt like my body puffed up and I was ready for a nap.  I could feel my life purpose chakra (right below my heart) as if it was my core muscle. At times this is just anchoring energy.  These ups and downs.  Are they convenient?  Often not.  Are they important?  Yes.

I meditated and it subsided.  No message and this is also okay.  I think back to when this happened in the past.  Often there was a message and/or a simple yet important clearing/healing work that needed to be done.  So I’ll actually take this as progress 🙂

Right before the amazing energy faded, a flying grasshopper hit the side of the house, bounced off, hit my head and then landed in my lap.  I let out a chuckle.  Spirit – got it. Things are flying, we are leaping ahead, working on my thick skull, allow it to land in my lap, lol.

I’ve always had a teacher.  Years ago I devoured book and up until six months ago I was watching youtubes often.  I was being reminder, guided and inspired.  I did have a few favorites.  What I found that resonated was being folded into the mix of my own knowing and guidance I was receiving.  And at times Spirit would literally tell me to seek info online for a variety of reasons.  The past two months through have been full.  I now more casually follow along on facebook and have pretty much stopped reading/watching my former teachers.  I note this because it’s just a step.  It does though feel like when a fawn  has strong legs or baby bird leaves the nest.  Another form of detachment and independence.  I’ve grown even more into my own skin and power.  It’s also a calmness.

There are moments where the veils are so thin and lots of random pours in like  C17 vertebrate…  Eva at the State Department… What?  Haha, you gotta let it go.  If you need to know, you will.  I’ve had this happen before as a new layer awakens.

I’ve found over the past few weeks if my mind gets too busy (I am human), I remind myself, it’s not worth my peace and happiness.  I let go and refocus again… on the important things which would be what has been placed before me.  I was thinking on a small moment I had that involved another.  It could have been looked at as a step back.  No.  When one falls, we all, in some ways, fall.  It’s our job to remind another of their inner light.  It’s worth the pause and even reverse if necessary verses pushing on ahead.  This journey may hook you by the big moments and stories but really the small ones are just as important.  Leave no lightworker behind.

(Now, yes, there are times that you are to move ahead and not play a certain role in another’s story/drama.  You’ll know.  Trust your gut.)

So in the time it took me to write this, the energy shifted gain.  Yup.  Here we go… again.  Open up loves.  Your mind doesn’t have to understand.  You are ready and it is as simple as that.  Until the next post… I love you!

Hey!  500th post – woot woot!!

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