You were always 5D


Many have been working towards 5D (Fifth Dimensional Reality) for months or years now.  Whether that be moving into that reality/version of Earth or embodying that level of energy.  Well, as I was driving, this thought became very clear to me.  We came in (birthed) as 5D.  We held that energy of love, awe and wonder for several/many years.  Then most of us (at different times and from different experiences) dropped or merged into 3D and spent quite some time there. 

Why?  Haha… only you can answer this question for yourself.  Possibly for the challenge and experience.

For me, 5D is about seeing the simplicity and beauty of this world in just about everything.  I realized the moments, which were reminders, were those moments when I stopped and watched a sunset, rainbow or spent time in nature.  Others might have been busy talking, shopping, doing, etc. yet it was as if I remembered (5D) for just that moment.  In 3D… well, I knew that there was something, more.

So really we’re just resetting ourselves to what we came in as.  To see, appreciate, discover… be amazed, joyful and… play.

5D is often labeled as a place/reality yet, it’s also a process.  It’s been around for quite a while.  Well… what if it’s always been here.  🙂  If you seek, you’ll find articles about it from years ago – it’s all about energy.  Yet each wave will experience it when it’s their time.  From 3D, working through 4D (which not many talk as much about yet this is changing) and then 5D.  This wave has been writing the how to as prior forerunners inspired us to remember 5D.

So if we’re already 5D… we’re probably A LOT more than we remember at this moment.  Oh happy remembering!  ❤

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