Dark forces??


I really don’t have many soapbox topics but I guess I’ve found one.  And… I’m not sure I want to open up this can of worms but I seem to be typing away already.  (Really this is just a post.)  What I’d discover was this ended up being a challenging post to write. 

I keep getting an email reminder about a class being offered to remove lower entities.  I already unsubscribed yet it keeps showing up.  Everything is my teacher though. For years I’ve said I don’t do attachments/entities/dark forces/evil spirits… or even low/negative energy.  Hmm… well, unless it was my own.  Hmm…  (being humbled as I rethink this a bit)  A large part of a lightworker’s journey is about removing/shedding/letting go of their own density/issues/karma/etc.  So really, this is no different.

This class is being offered by a lightworker.  Can I just say being a lightworker is a b-r-o-a-d term.  What it means to me and to another could be quite different.  Yet I do believe we are all lightworkers and I am all about working together and learning from one another.  I’ve also found many a lightworkers working in what one could judge as some very dark places.  You just can’t judge a book by it’s cover.  Often things are not as they seem.  There are some very wise Master’s choosing to work with and in some particular areas.

My initial thought was… this is 2016, a new paradigm is here, are we still really doing that?  I personally don’t like giving the idea that one might hold a parasite/entity.  That they are being controlled by it.  That they need to do x, y and z to get rid of it.  Could this be?  Sure. Why not. This life is about endless options.  I do know that many believe this.  I, though, see that we are perfect just the way we are in this moment.  Yes, perfect.  Personal change will and does, happen and often quite naturally.  Really we are forever changing.  I guess I don’t like the idea that we give our power away to… blame… an entity.  Or that we need a professional to remove it.  Then again… we all have skills and many offer a variety of services.  (I feel like I’m trying to bring light to several sides of this issues.)  What one might judge as unnecessary might bring another comfort and that is important.  This is about feeling and being, lighter.

In my path I’ve been questioned about, dark forces.  I look at the other like a deer in the headlights.  I often don’t even know what they are talking about.  I honestly just don’t see it.  I also don’t get wrapped up in politics, conspiracy theories, etc.  I often just have to respond, do you really believe that?  Often they do and I honor that.  We each create our own world and it’s all good.

I do view many bad things as divine though.  I see a break up/divorce as a completed contract.  I see death as a miracle.  I see an accident as an invitation to slow down.  Illness as opportunity to provide self care or to be loved and cared for by others.  I see a job layoff as a hint hint to choose a different path or there is something better coming.  I see natural disasters as a way for many to be first responders and caregivers.  I see financial struggle as a way to show what is really important among many other things.  I will say that I have also personally experienced just about every one of these.

Well, I kept this post in the draft folder for a few days (I was waiting on some more guidance but honestly I’ve been busy living) and then I seemed to have a slightly different trigger.  A post to, wake up.  It was referencing government conspiracies and what might unfold over the next few months.  Okay… breathe.  What reality/timeline are you aligning to?  I’m choosing love over fear.  Could it happen?  Absolutely!  Just keep thinking about it, talking about it, posting, etc. and it probably will.  Which fire are you fueling?  I guess I’m in the , all is well and beautiful and divine camp.

If you are seeing these reminders/triggers, it is an invitation.  Get in your heart space.  Send love and light to yourself and others.  Even to our government.  Do bad things happen?  Yes… but we are the light warriors.  We work everyday with energy (to create miracles) and at times might just need a gentle reminder to choose which energy we decide to play with.  Really everyone is doing the best they can in each moment.  For all I know I might be triggering another (lightworker) when my goal is to help bump up/remind others.

The moral of this post is… well, at first I wasn’t even sure.  Honestly many lightworkers avoid the dark topics all together.  I’ve learned though not to avoid but to embrace.  Our job really is to examine our darkness and find the reasons and jewels.  We came here to release past fear/events (Atlantis sinking, witch hunts, world wars, etc.) and anchor in a new awareness.  It might take some extremes (what seems like reality now) to do this but it doesn’t have to.  Skip past these illusions and use your gift to anchor love and light.  Allow peace to win.  Let’s also smile and love those who are triggering us to release.  We all have a part in this divine plan.  So thank you to all.  ❤

And later I’d see this on my facebook.  This was a great perspective!  12 minute youtube:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o1jXHi0Bbqo    ♥

9 comments on “Dark forces??

  1. We posted similarly in a way. I am drawn to these… Theories like people used to watch old westerns. I only post because they fascinate me. I don’t think entertaining myself with the 3D workings of the world will hurt me in the 5D. Only I might comfort someone in the 3D by them reading it. The Ascension will happen on all levels of our being. The 3D and 4D are currently working things out. I am just observing, and I believe on some level it is very true. It always has been. Yet, I try to live without even the fear that looking into the dark will harm me. I don’t care if any entities are attached to me either. If my soul let that happen it was for a good reason.

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  2. When I awoke, I could see how people had attracted entities. I took a lot of time to study it all with my newfound perception. What I found was how inconsequential these beings are. Really! I came to realize that until we purge all our crap, our emotional baggage, we continue to draw them. We aren’t controlled by them. But they are energized by certain emotions and can serve to intensify the emotion. But controlling us? Not really.

    I was able to remove several from my light body very quickly and easily…by myself. Awareness is key. I had no training in it…I just knew how.

    I see all of life is symbiotic and these lower beings are part of that…they mean no harm. They just aren’t very developed.

    The entity I removed from a person resulted in her life changing a lot. Another friend never seemed to want to remove hers. She struggles to this day. Maybe influence instead of “control” is more accurate?

    There are benefits to doing this wor, but I’m sure I have said enough already.

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  3. ” I guess I’m in the , all is well and beautiful and divine camp.” I love this line. 🙂
    It’s hard sometimes, I find, not to get caught up in all the darknesses of the world, until I remember we are all one. We are creating it all as we go as one big consciousness. So staying in your camp, some might say is putting your head in the sand. I like to think your camp is creating peace. Thanks Molly.

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  4. Thank YOU! And to quote a Harry Potter line: “There can be no light without the dark. … Myself, I always try to live within the light.” – Horace Slughorn

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