Jacked on Energy

I rarely do life before 6 a.m.  I don’t know why I even made a cup of coffee.  I don’t need it yet, I do enjoy coffee.  I do love the pre-dawn hour and being with the rising sun.  Well, this morning it was the moon followed by the sun.  It can be a powerful meditation time.  So I am chill and zen yet I can feel the energy running in my body, particularly from root to higher heart.  The energy started yesterday for me and I wrote…

Okay, honestly I can barely write.  The energy today has been over the top most of the day.  I seem to know that I am in many places as I’m trying to maneuver through my day/reality here.  I also have an overwhelming sense of love.  Like the, you’ve had a few beers and tell anyone and everyone, I love you man.  And just about anything makes me get teary eyed like, someone liked a post.  Tear.  Watching a young child.  Tear.  A song on the radio.  Tear.  The store has my favorite jar of pickles (yet they always do).  Just so grateful for every little thing.  As if you’ve been in a comma for a long time and you’re seeing everything again, cherishing it all.  It’s like when Julia Andrews sings in the Sound of Music, these are a few of my favorite things and everything seems to be my favorite thing.

I went to be a bit early for me and seemed to wake often each time with just a second of dream/overnight memory.  We are alive and working/playing 24/7.  Yesterday morning I awoke knowing I was with another.  I had a sentence I remembered and it was a bit unusual.  Within two minutes, after another family member arose, I was hearing that exact same sentence.  Synch!

There was another overnight rocking storm (third one is the past two weeks).  The animal kingdom also seems to be feeling the energy.  The doves are cooing and other birds singing and fluttering about with excitement.

Relationships and eye to eye communication seem to be important.  If you’re starting, maintaining or closing a chapter, this soul to soul, eye to eye exchange if you have the option verses an email/text seems to be the higher plan.  It might take an extra moment or a bit of bravery and, you might be very glad afterwards.

Yesterday as I was reading another post (thank you Silent Winds of Change and Prosveta), I was having a small a-ha.  A few words were highlighted for me and seemed to explain why so many relationships don’t work as you think/hoped for.  An inner dimension is missing.  We are multidimensional beings and as it’s played out here, the combination was close yet… not a perfect match.  We think/feel it should have worked out because, we know this could have been an option.  This also sparks the thought that if two beings (in a relationship) are aware of this… we are forever changing.  That missing aspect could be pulled in 🙂  I was once told by Spirit that any relationship had the potential to work out.  One though can only do their work (verses trying to change another).

So if the past 24 hours have been a clue… today ought to be interesting.  The Forth of July has been a personal power date for me for over a decade now.  Hmm.  🙂  That’s what this energy feels like.  My own personal fireworks show going on inside of me.  Ah Dayna – the popcorn!

The energies are strong right now and will be felt different for each person.  Any and every emotion.  If it feels too much, give yourself permission to keep things simple or rest.  Also be aware that many are feeling this energy yet not understanding it.  Let’s cut everyone some slack.

So until next post… I love you and thank you for reading.

9 comments on “Jacked on Energy

    • I ❤ hearing from you and thank you for sharing. Oh boy have I had these spells/moments/teachings – anxiety. It can help to uncover deep truths and gems but I didn't understand that at first. I had my first anxiety attack at 41. They also (yes because I had to have more than one episode, lol) saved me from making a few mistakes (although there are no mistakes) and helped to teach me to walk MY walk. A LOT of heart energy this week (so some anxiety would be very normal). For me anxiety seemed to be centered in/around my heart and felt like a possible heart attack. Clear cause I aint got time for that, lol. You are so wise and brave and I love you!! I wrote this over a year ago and wrote a bit different then (I might have another that better captures how anxiety assists us in this journey): https://2020spiritualvision.wordpress.com/2015/03/09/anxiety-attack-soul-vs-mind-and-body/
      ❤ ❤

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      • You are such a beautiful soul. Your wisdom and compassion instill a peace that is always welcome. I will read this post. That was my experience this week, pain around the heart area. It doesn’t stay for long, I am able to breathe through it.


        • I consider this very normal when awakening. I always checked in with my body, asking if I needed to go to a doc. (because when you mention it to another then might insist). At times it comes with emotions and other times it just sneaks up and startles you. Just do the best you can. Thank YOU beautiful soul… by leaving a comment this is also helping others. 🙂 I ❤ you!


      • You just LOVE it. So simple it’s hard. Love it till it leaves you (because it can). You can’t fight it, welcome it. Simple breathing, mini rests and meditation helps. Something is driving the anxiety though… it’s a messenger. It can be a warning but more so we are blessed to experience it to then understand and assist others when they are experiencing it. Anxiety still holds this stigma that something is “wrong”. Nothing is wrong. Anxiety helps us to pull in and clear issues, too. Like our body has been a bit overwhelmed/overburdened and we need to shed and need time and space… and lots of love. See link above (in comments) to anxiety post for more thoughts. I love you Amber!

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