Activating Crystal Core


Okay, I’ve heard the word choice of, the grid is linking up again and I thought I understood what this meant.  Well, like most things, it means many things.  At times it does seem like the energy that one connects to is down.  It also feels as if something is going on somewhere else and we aren’t privy to all the details (the veil is a blanket).  When it comes back online, we are told/shown what we need to know.

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Was the magic sleepy dust released?  This will be quick since I seem to be undergoing this step.  I am… tired… yet in a good way.  So let’s say, tranquil.  I can remember many times being so filled with energy I could hardly sleep so now this seems to be the other side.  ∞  A veil of sleep has fallen for many.  Honor this step the best that you can.  Really most things aren’t urgent.  Let some things go/wait… or ask for help.  So much for awaken… some of this needs to happen in our sleep. Continue reading

The Now and… random

Wallpaper Earth From Space-749644

So this is the, random.  Grab bag style and takes what serves you.  The signs, synchronies and divine timing of events continues.  I do pause as I acknowledge each one.  I often can’t help but to just say, wow.  For days I’ve been saying it’s, nuclear hot.  Hmm… Nu clear.  Yes, a time to get clear on many issues.  Heat and humidity will slow you down/exhaust you and it is a great time for the Universe to reach you – slowing you down to, see something… or to chill and turn inward. Continue reading



I don’t think so.  Good day and how are you?  The other day it was like a festive, Welcome to 7D and then the first order of business for me seem to be… a lesson.  Gheez…actually a few and to be honest one of them stumped me a bit.  I’ve been clearing and resolving much with ease for a while now.  Often a simple thought or meditation does the trick.  This one though… Continue reading

Smile Activation :)


Spirit once whispered this to me. Years later, I remember again and again. Simple truth.  In the spiritual arena the word, activation is a popular one.  Often hoping that an activation will wake one up even more.  Yes, they can help and there are many beautiful versions online.  You can also create and share your own.  I’m just offering my version and a very simple one.  Try it… you might just like it.  You don’t have to be in a meditative state and it only takes a second although you may wish to hold for longer.  You may also do it repeatedly.  Smile on my shinny souls.  A smile = a smile.  Please do activate as many as you can or include it in your mirror work as your are grooming.  Spirit is smiling… are you? Continue reading

LOE or Love…

colorful hearts with geometric pattern, vector

Well, it’s both.  Just checking-in so this will be short loves.  There was an interesting energy last night… it felt like a tense discussion in another place.  I’ve felt this energy before… several times.  I had a great day so this did cause me to pause and wonder.  I often feel energy yet can’t always get the story/message/scoop.  Spirit is crystal clear with me often enough so I don’t overthink these moments.  Continue reading

Attachment as a Teacher


I always love it when I finally… or, in a new moment get, the lesson.  While school’s out for summer here, I seem to have an a-ha on, attachment.  Really Spirit and I have been working on and off on this lesson for several years now.  And, yikes… this is a big lesson – many layers to this one. Continue reading

And the music continues

Lady-in-the-Harp-Optical-IllusionI know I wrote I’d be writing less but…   And I know I mentioned I didn’t need to mention the energy but

I’ve seemed to catch up, been reset and fallen back in love with much.  Yesterday was a day of spreading the love.  I am going to be pacing myself and seem to already know there will be times I’ll be sharing as usual and times I will be quieter as I pull in or start new ways in my reality.  And I have my teen team who I’ll be playing with these next several weeks.  Honestly, that’s the priority.  Family first AND embodiment… well, let’s just say I seem to be undergoing some significant changes and I haven’t found the right word(s) yet to label it.

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Chakra Moon

While I’m sure there is some logical explanation… I really don’t need one.  I’ve often photographed the moon but this evenings pictures captured several additional hues.  The first is as far as my camera will zoom and the others are at about 4-20x zoom. With each click, I seemed to capture a new shade.  This hasn’t happened before so it was fun and special and I’m just sharing.  Goodnight, rest well and sweet dreams to all.