Firecracker, Firecracker Boom boom boom


This is one of the frequencies we’re being asked to align to now.  I, personally, was not a cheer leader but I did attend many a pep rally’s in high school.  I tried to find a video that captured what I saw (from Spirit).  Sorry but, the videos seemed too calm/cute in comparison.  So use your imagination. 🙂

I had a strange dream.  I was being asked to leave a village.  I remember walking out and a man was standing in the opening of the wooden gate that guarded the fortress/village.  He was stern.  YOU speak your truth to the world, not here.  Then in movie like style, the village shrunk and the world enlarged and seemed so big.  My eyes widened trying to take it all in.  I then felt what seemed like a mild earthquake underneath my feet.  The next image I saw was then zoomed out again. I was inside a mouth, walking on a tongue which was just a second before a rolling hillside. This man (old father time?) was asleep and he was awakening with a wide yawn.  The reality/world I was in that seemed so large was all in his mouth.  Wow – quite symbolic and cool.  What a great dream!  A new layer of awakening.  It’s time!

It seems to tie into this picture I took last night.  I saw a, window of opportunity.


They are coming.  Seize these moments.  This is what you’ve been waiting for so… jump!

The frequency we are aligning to does seem to be important.  For example if you are (day) dreaming a little or big dream right now, the Universe reminded me of the Aerosmith song.  Dream On… dream until your dreams comes true.  Oh I ❤ that!  I was also encouraged though to dream on the vibration of desire and co-creating verses worry, control or angst that it’s not happening fast enough.  Good point!

I also wanted to mention these energy blast and how they’ve been for me.  Years ago when I received energy, I could then feel my body process it.  It would usually take a few days.  I might have pressure around my heart and then the next day a headache (as my mind was processing) and then, bam, new incite.  The past two months or so I’ve been feeling the large energy waves yet often… not much seems to happen in the days that follow.  Well, I know this is not true.  I do know I am changing literally each day.  It just seems to be a different stage of this journey/process. Just when you get used to a way/pattern, it changes!  (I will also link Lisa’s article here since this also ties in.)

And my mail reminded me, sing it Madonna, that it is indeed a holiday and …


Every day is a gift.

So in closing, a new mantra/chant to raise your energy might be:  Firecracker, firecracker, boom, boom, boom!  Firecracker, firecracker, boom, boom, boom!  Easy and catchy like a commercial jingle, lol.  Have fun!  Enjoy!

boom, boom, boom

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