What’s right in front of you is your path.

I’ve been working on a personal theme for several weeks now.  It’s always nice when Spirit/the Universe provides a sign that they haven’t forgotten about you.  That you are on course.  That everything is working out just fine.  A few of the signs/synchronicities have been so obvious yet how they come up causes me to pause and say, wow.  Often I laugh out loud at the, chances.  One of my signs for this theme is rainbows.  I had one two nights ago and then again last night.  (Actually for me this year more rainbows than I’ve seen in a long time.)  This week both times I’d looked towards the sky and then looked again and ta-dah… there one was.  Lasting just long enough for me to grab my camera and say, thank you.  Then gone yet, not.  The rainbow was/is in my heart.

Whatever you are dealing with in this moment is… the way.  I write this post just as much for myself (to remind) as for anyone else. For some truths/messages/knowings are surfacing.  It can feel as if they are to manifest now… almost instantly.  Well…  haha/hmm.

Often in this journey we can get a bit of forward vision that becomes tunnel vision.  We have to relax and trust.  It may be in the next moment or… years from now.  While you can take action, many things move with Spirit/in a divine way.  So in the meantime, look around.  What is right in front of you is what you are to do and enjoy.  It is your current step and gift.

So what needs your attention now… not later?  What small thing (gem) have you overlooked?  How could that be the thing you are to acknowledge/work or play with?

And… how are you feeling?  Really feeling (verses suppressing).  Many are awakening and it can be a bit confusing.  It can be felt as depression, anxiety, anger, fear, or irritable or overwhelmed.  It can also feel like joy, peace and love.  Honor each emotion because they are all divine.  What you are feeling, you are healing.  And if you awoke some time ago, guess what… you are awakening even more. What you are thinking/overthinking?   You are either (working on) clearing it or, manifesting it…  🙂

So… savor this moment and step.  I know… some might not feel like embracing particular situations.  But… could it just be one of those situations that you don’t know what you’ve had until it’s gone.  You might just have it better than you realize (trying so hard getting to the next and not enjoying the now).  Appreciate what you have – your life, your health, your brain…. and so many other things.  Work what’s been given to you.  You are blessed.  Appreciate the now, not the later or (spiritual) soon.   ❤

4 comments on “What’s right in front of you is your path.

  1. The rainbow and your heart are one and the same.

    Yes, sometimes that next step can be a little foggy. I like it better when things clear, and the rainbow shows up. 🙂 ❤

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