Inner Shifts


My inner Universe was on the move today.  I was writing a post and was in such peace and bliss and felt this amazing wave of energy and then… had to stop and go to bed (not like me).  My energy went from 11 to zero.  There seems to be several different ways the body feels these energy waves, blasts and movements that at times even feel like burbs/bubbles.  Finding the words to describe at times is challenging.  I’ve written about what some might say is strangeness before but I continue to write about it because it’s divine and a part of my journey.  If another has a similar experience and finds these words, they’ll know it’s not just them (you are not alone) and is normal (whatever normal is, lol). 

There are so many ways to awaken, ascend, evolve, activate dna/kundalini/a light body (whatever words one could use).  And it’s not that everyone will have this experience/step… this life.  While I can usually function as the energy comes and goes, not today.  At times the energy will blast your brain and you’ll feel high/float but this was not that kind of energy today.  So as soon as I laid down, I felt as if someone was doing remote reiki on me.  Ah, possibly a older/wiser/future self or a very caring soul.

Some time ago I was shown my inner Universe and wrote on it in March and April.  Now, it felt like some planets were being moved around.  I fell into a deep sleep and arose feeling good yet also like I’d just had a deep tissue massage.  And for several hours I could feel the energy continue to move in me.  As if meteors were on the move.  Wowziers.  Maybe a new dna strand activated… or, a new planet (because it felt like more than an aspect) has been added.  What I do know is inner shifts = outer shifts.  Yah!  I look forward to it.

I do believe this ties into dropping timelines (*).  I honestly don’t, in detail, understand the/my process in it’s entirety.  Like I don’t know how much longer, etc.  I do often look back and then clearly see how each step got me to where I am now and it all makes perfect sense.  Years ago I just wanted more spiritual connection.  Haha, be careful what you ask for.  Yet know I’m not complaining.  I just don’t seem to remember this part as well.  I’ve been told by Spirit the words/explanation/knowing will come later.  For now I am to experience it.  I do know it’s a process and comes in stages.  You just can’t force it and for me it often happens unexpectedly.  It’s been a process of mentally, emotionally and physically letting go, opening up and changing.  There is much info online but the inner energy that moves in me, I haven’t seen this written on in a way that resonates with me so, therefore I write.  I am sure it’s written somewhere though 🙂  This also seems to tie into endocrine glands and the recent release of dis-ease I’ve been thankfully only mildly feeling.

I did have a dream that seemed to tie into this statement I just found online:  “Some persons have developed and integrated three or more strands and a large number of new babies presently being born (the crystal children) have many strands of active DNA. A simple blood test can verify this fact.”  In my dream, I was having a blood test, hmm.  The article from in5D is full of information.

An ancestry dna test might not be too accurate on me, lol.  A multidimensional test please.

For now, thanks for reading.  I’ll keep sharing.  Step by step we go and I’ll get back to that other post I was writing from blissville soon.


*  I made a similar comment on one of Dayna’s post but thought I’d also add it here.  While I believe in timelines, I don’t often explain:   Collapsing timelines, for me, is compressing several lives/options so that what you need now is available. Letting go of the ones that have been serving us (3D) but will not for who we are becoming (5D).   It’s also like having two distinct lives in one yet, if we hadn’t of awoken, we’d still be on #1.  A, Before Awakening (BA) life and then a, After Awakening (AA).  Reminds me of the biblical BC/AC.  What used to be past or even future lives yet they are NOW in multiple realities.  Heads spinning yet…?

It’s almost as if we have to “play” in the timelines for some time (usually in our sleep and not always remembered) before we line up to a new, correct timeline.  This is also manifesting – finally we can bring it forward.  Often we don’t have to do anything but at times our choices now link us to the other realities and if those stories will continue to play or will stop.  It’s complicated yet all works together in harmony like a woven basket.  We are also gathering soul aspects along the way to create the newer version of us – what’s needed now, what we place in the basket.  It can seem like an endless adventure, mystery and then a-ha’s that explain so much (when it all links up).

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