Please explain…


I awoke with my (spirit team) of cheerleaders.  Firecracker, firecracker, boom boom boom.  I can’t say my mind and body was ready for the early morning enthusiasm, lol.  A lot of heart/higher heart pressure this morning and this can manifest in many ways.  For me it feels like excitement.  I smile. 

When you feel the energy or emotions it is easy to label it and hold it separate from you.  Welcome it, love it and allow it to wash over you and you might just find that it subsides significantly.

As in each moment, honor your process.  It might be a good day to relax or keep things simple.  To enjoy and have fun!  Also keep in mind this energy is affecting many.  Give others some room or support, benefit of the doubt and a reminder of their inner light that is just waiting to shine a little brighter.

There are so many ways Spirit will communicate with you.  For years I experienced the being dialed in and the lulls.  Having access to great wisdom and then the earie quiet as I integrated, process and then created.  In some ways Spirit is quiet right now for me.  It does feel as if I am entering a new stage. Last night was a silent night for me.  All was calm, all was bright.  I had a few questions yet I knew I needed to respect the silence.  I know any question I have will be explained in the right way at the right time so I am at peace.  The calm.  It might though be perceived for some (depending upon where you are in this journey) as the calm before the storm.  Lets just think of it as the calm before the next divine step.

So… if I have questions/wonderings, you might too.  If you could ask of me or of Spirit… what would that question be?  I think this might be an interesting discussion and might just get things moving along again.  I’ve learned whatever you seek, you must be willing to give/do.  If you follow along, at some point you might have had a question… something that arose from reading along.  Whether that be about a certain story/experience/word choice or something you’re experiencing now.  Let’s see how this unfolds.  And if this post goes silent… that is also divine.  Great things can come from silence.  The peace and mystery.  And, you don’t have to type it out here… you can work with it energetically, too.  Really we all know each other and can swap messages – much has been encoded.  With you in Spirit and love!

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