Be… Gentle

This theme seemed to be echoed back to me in several ways today.  So…

take gentle care of yourself

The energy today for me has been pleasant and subtle.  We’ve underestimated the past few days/weeks/months… years.  If you opened yourself up and felt a shift recently… let it integrate and play out.  This is a, trust the process moment.

A few days ago as I arose, my heel started to throb.  I laughed.  This hasn’t happened for quite some time.  It used to be my sign to do just that – heal.  To acknowledge that some big work/changes had taken place and needed to be honored.

Be gentle with yourself and others.   If your rushing, breathe and slow down.  Think soft and graceful.  This is our nature… remember?

If you need a possible meditation reminder, ask to be the wind.  A gentle breeze.  Where would the wind take you?  What would it show you?  Breathe and be… free.


6 comments on “Be… Gentle

  1. Interestingly Molly, I have just commented on 2 blogs about the importance of self-care and as I clear out my piled up emails I come across this post… Spirit is always active lol! Thank you, I love you! 🙂

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  3. This sign that says take gentle care of yourself is validation of the signs I have been receiving. I saw deer over the weekend on two separate occasions which is my sign when I need to be gentle with myself. Thank you for sharing!

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