Multiple Realities in Reality


Yesterday I saw three separate “caution” signs yet I wasn’t concerned.  I’ve had this happen before – a heads up from the Universe.  Last time, I really did take it serious and lightened my agenda, thought about my actions before I did something and wondered what might happen in the world.  Over a month ago, it was signs to go slow and I did.  Honestly though today I started my day and seemed to forget my mental notes of yesterday. 

I’d also noted as I journaled that today would be a big day (yet no other description given).  I seemed to forget that as well.  After I wrote this mornings post, the energy rose.  It then became a comedy show since it was obvious that several of us (who were together for the day) were not so grounded to this reality.  Several Dory moments.


So we needed to be in several places and travel.  And oh boy, did I.  Usually I float with the higher energy, yet on occasion it sends me to bed.  Today a few normally routine activities became, more.

It was like the veils were thin and multiple realities and options were very visible to me. Strange?  Yes!  Trust me, the me of even a few years ago not only knew nothing of this but would have had no time for this.  If you would have told me I’d be blogging about it, well, I adamantly told a psychic years ago I had no desire to ever blog (as she was telling me I would).

What I will say is (if you start having these moments) to use extra care and caution, particularly if you are driving or crossing the street.  Look and then look again.  Like the expression, I didn’t see you.  Or, now you see me, now you don’t.  It would be true.  It looks like the picture above (yet not quite, had a hard time finding a picture).  Think, transposed.  It’s also like the layers of an onion.  All one and held together closely, yet each layer just a bit different.  While I’ve believed in this and seen glimpse, now it was like full access.

So, the energy lasted several hours and the extra visual for almost an hour.  Talk about depth perception.  Trust me that is more than enough for one day.  I don’t need sensory overload.  So what was it like?  It’s like seeing a before and after as you watch the now.  It can explain why a person is doing a certain thing.  You can also see why some things don’t work out – it’s not in the blueprint of the design yet it does seem to have many changes and fast moving scenes.  I also think it ties into the Mandela Effect.

I will also say that it does tie into anxiety.  I felt none – yah but I’ve had several lessons on anxiety and it was being pointed out to me.  When you see/feel all of these layers, it can be overwhelming.  I could now understand that social anxiety is actually being more in tune with your multi-perception ability because there is a lot going on.  What if for some/many cases of anxiety are mislabeled/diagnosing/prescribed medication.  This would be meditation, understanding and other techniques verses medication needed.

One might also feel jumpy.  It won’t take much to surprise as you are a bit sensitive to all the energy.

Another way I can explain it is to share this simple moment I had a few days ago.  I have (and I’m sure many of you do, too) these moments that are brief yet it’s like the world slows down, just to highlight the moment and it’s importance.  I was waiting at a register for service.  The women watched me walk in and to her at the counter (or so I thought).  She didn’t though acknowledge me for quite some time.  She kept casually talking to another co-worker … like I would have understood if they were in a heated discussion or busy.  I was asking Spirit for guidance since several minutes passed and she legitimately didn’t hear or see me.  Later I had to return to the register and now there was a man in front of me.  He turned around and looked into my eyes.  I immediately knew he was not of this world and I smiled at him.  He was asking me a question that only I understood in that moment.  Does she see you?  I almost burst out laughing since I understood.  I said no, I had to wait several minutes before I seemed to materialize.


What is this, an episode of Star Trek?  While I started this blog with spiritual self-help and posts of inspiration… it’s become quite sci-real (verses sci-fi) at times.  I can also say, quantum and metaphysical.  Or maybe just, Wow!

Your guidance will guide you.  Today was, big.  Our mind though often places thoughts/expectations on words or signs that are often just to give us a very general heads up so that we can have the experience.  While many are able to sense and see psychically, this was upping the ante quite a bit for me.  And, like a version of time travel.

I also think on manifesting as many spiritual teachers teach on manifesting money, etc.  Yes, it can and does happen.  For me right now awakening remembrance, skills and holding peace and love (even more) is wealth enough.  Although… I’m open to other forms of wealth as well 🙂 haha.

So why did this happen?  I have a few guesses.  It might have just been a pineal gland opening/overflow.  It surely would be an awesome gift to have if I can learn to fine tune it a bit.  Would it scare some?  Absolutely!  I can already see that some would have gone immediately to a doctor with double/triple vision and then also listing the other possible symptoms and oddities we’ve experienced these past few months and years.  This is another reason why it has to happen slowly.  We remember and develop a trust and bond with our process and guidance and know that nothing is wrong.  We just can’t wake up one day this way (although some do).

See, it is happening.  Ghee, I just can’t wait to see what’s next.  🙂



I came home and watched the setting sun with a storm front rolling in… and orbs 🙂  I also went back to my notebook to see what else I’d noted:  Anchor a new reality.  Watch and be amazed.  Be alert and go slow.    I AM.  🙂  ❤

13 comments on “Multiple Realities in Reality

  1. Whoa, whoa and double/triple vision WHOA! This is SO what I experienced on Friday….did it scare me, not really because I had experienced it before, but can I say in a MUCH smaller dose!! Did it concern me, absolutely, and I knew not to get behind the wheel of a vehicle, canceled my eye doctor appointment, and stressed on, and YES it did stress me, but I SHALL GET BETTER AT NAVIGATING THESE MIRACULOUS ENERGIES 😑
    Molly you did it again…what in the world would I/we do without your amazing insight!

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      • Thank you. That is amazing that you feel my spirit. I am always wondering where it is flying around 🙂 .
        I am next? What do you mean? Next to you,near you? Or I am the next one who will get to experience an overlay of multiple realities which will be experienced as blurred vision?? ( The blurred vision, well, that is something I can easily come up with…).
        Yes, all is well. I am still in cavetime somewhat. But the universe is doing its best to pull me out of that.

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        • Karin, it makes no sense to my logical mind nor does it need to but I feel many… their essence. Like we have incarnated in large groups and were to find each other and play a very small or large role in others stories. Your soul/abilities are very strong and make me smile. There is no wrong way to do this or need to rush. You are trusting your process. So while we don’t talk much (now) in this reality, I feel our souls are working together in those moments every now and then. Right before I got your 1st message I was telling Spirit no one had commented on the post (really that’s not important, getting the perspective out there is) and I heard, pay attention to who does – You! Anything that catches our eye is often a reminder of where we are headed. It might be weeks or years from now. And then before I got your second message my ear stated ringing 🙂
          It’s not quite blurred vision. It’s like seeing multiples and then wondering which is real. I was a bit hesitant to type that earlier since it sounds crazy. It’s like you have to shake your head and look again to ground to this reality. It made me think this is why some accidents happen, one has clicked into another reality for that split second. Or why we feel something should happen (because it is in the next reality). Okay this got long. My email is: if we need it later. 🙂 ❤ Hugs!

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