You’ve been given a key


I write and share just about every day (often can’t help myself).  I have passion for the spiritual journey.  I do live what I type.  After I published one of my shortest posts two days ago, Be… Gentle, I was, in moments, at a loss for any more words.  What if that short and simple post was the best advice I could offer?  While I’ve used words like self-care, patience, love and to go slow…. now this word seemed to really mean something.  I seemed to be looking at the world through an even more gentle heart and eyes.  Realizing (again) that everyone is doing the very best they can in each moment.  Feeling such humility and compassion.

I also had thoughts like, we really do expect much from lightworkers/healers/spiritual people (all people).  And that we often really do push ourselves and have such high expectations.  Gheez.  Why?  🙂

Yesterday the energy was high but not too high 🙂  The only word I could come to was, pristine.  It also felt like joy.  I could say it was also my quietness human/outer reality 4th of July but I know a lot is going on.

I seem to understand that I’ve been building/creating  allowing a lightbody to come on line this past year or so.  We won’t necessarily know that we are done enough (because my guess is this is a lifelong process) but we will know in moments as the future unfolds.  We are carrying new skills/gifts/remembrance and certain moments will bring them out.  That’s the fun part.

Over this past year in my morning meditation, I often ask for a collective update and often one is shared.  At times it’s just a word.  That’s what I need to write about.  At times it’s a mixed bag of emotions and was again this morning.  Anxious, angry, depressed, frustrated – all good stuff.  Yes.  It needs to be released and it is.  This journey will do something for you yet you have to stick with it.  This morning I knew what the issues/emotions were yet I felt the most removed from them I have ever felt.  Can I just say that at times I’ve been right there in the middle of the emotion, too.

It did feel like my essence was 5D, seeing 3D.  If you’ve been trying to shift, this will be confirmation.  It’s been happening gradually for me for quite some time.  Really though, we are still all, one and no one/state is better than another.  While many write on and strive to get to 5D/higher realms, 3D/Earth is a gift and wonderful place to be.  It is an honor.  Can you imagine the higher realms are trying just as hard to get to here as we are to “ascend”.

So here today the winds are very breezy and the sun it out.  I smile.  We gotta get out there and flow.  You’ll find the vibration you need.  Better yet, pick one before you walk out the door.  Infect… affect others in your own unique way.  There are many realities running now (always are) and you get to choose which one you would like to be in.  You may say, I don’t see them and trust that a simple change/choice/action will bump into the one you need. You will see and do what you need to.

The key to the universe is to live from your heart.  Open your heart and open the Universe.  You are the heart, key and Universe – they all work together. You’ve held the key the entire time.  You have the power. You might have tried to use it in other ways – thinking it was to unlock another door/person.  It’s time to open what is rightfully yours.

3 comments on “You’ve been given a key

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  2. This weekend I noticed this. All weekend I felt in the flow. Several things happened over the weekend that in the past would have sent me into serious stress. But each time, there was this feeling of calm, that there was no need to get upset and I moved right into action in each occasion, doing what needed to be done and all turned out well.

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