Where am I leaping to?


I am laughing.  I wrote most of this post last night but decided to finish it today.  I already had this picture picked out.  I awoke and placed my feet on the ground.  I had a t-shirt from the day before and as I went to pick it up, I was greeted by a small cricket.  Okay so we are jumping.  I’ve only been up for a short while and the signs and synchronicities are already amazing.  Yesterday was different for me…


Most of the day I felt like I wasn’t present.  With so much being written on being in the moment… well, let’s just throw that teaching out the window.  I had to learn to be present to then become… be… wherever my souls needs to be.  What a wild ride this is.

My soul seems to be busy at night and during the day.  Not much has broke into my reality… yet.  My body is present but my mind is often floating.  I started to ask last night what am I aligning/jumping to?  This then seemed like a very silly question.  I doubt crickets/dolphins/kangaroos ask… they just do.

I now seem to understand the moments that  s-l-o-w  down, that’s what is anchoring us to a reality.  We are being asked to review.  It might be time to loosen up and free up some of the energy.  The Universe will move you, but often it’s a package deal.  Most aspects need to be ready.  It’s okay if you don’t know what to do about some realities.  Just making the realization counts.  Ask the Universe, of which you are a part of, to assist in freeing it up, making it lighter.

I thought I’d toss out a general reminder yet many of you already know this.  Many are waking up.  It is an intense time.  Even for many who have been walking this path for quiet some time now, a new layer is awakening.  The energy is intense and often feels urgent.  That’s the amount of energy it took to get your attention and make this a priority.  I’ve written on it before yet am reminded more recently – can you imagine a planet with so many awakening souls?  Each following their own guidance/truth?  It’s happening.  Wonderful and… very interesting.  At times it might seem like, who’s right?  Well, we all are.  We also have to follow our own unique code.

At the start of this year Spirit was to the point with me.  While I was a channel and did/do channel, I was not to label myself in that way any longer.  Now, months later I understand why and it was for many reasons (possibly a post for another time).  At the time though I was told it was my guidance… my future/higher self and caring soul aspects.  Really, they all lead back to Source.  I was to claim my knowing.  I still though often say Spirit/guidance just because it’s been so much easier for writing purposes.  Simply, there is no wrong way to do this.

We do have to believe in a power and force that is much greater, to then, become this.  Yes, in our own way in this incarnation.  It is interesting that many (I know I did) follow another because they channel.  As if that wisdom is absolute.  It is for the channel yet for the follower, it’s only truth if it resonates with them.  I found though that my truth often enough, changed.  Yet maybe that’s not the right word.  More often it expanded.

Again, this was another step for me since I always wondered about channeling but honestly never expected to be able to do it.  It just happened… and was amazing (and maybe I liked it too much, lol) and then I seemed to enter a new stage.  The only word I can use is embodiment and for me it hasn’t happened overnight.  This is an never ending process of awakening.  I chuckle when some comment on ascending.  Many want to get to the next level.  I, too, had this push for some time.  Really, any step/level you’re on is Divine.  Your soul though will remind you if you are a bit off track/stuck.  Reminding you of the experience you came here to have.

The other issue that Spirit (ha, see) has been reminding me on is how we do (or can do) this with no drugs.  This is an obvious for me but there seems to be a question in the collective.  When I say I’m high, I do mean high on energy/life.  I do believe previously generations (and even now) use drugs to assist in getting into the zone but you definitely don’t need them.  I think on how years ago I was drawn to a teacher. Our paths crossed and I was so excited to meet her.  Yet, I’m not sure she even realized I was there.  She was in her own world.  I then realized I was surrounded by a generation and lifestyle of different spiritual seekers.  Honestly there is nothing wrong with any of the ways.  It was though a bit of an eye opening experience for me to realize I could do this without drugs.

Spirit once told me the ways they try to reach us.  When we have a high fever, under the influence (although not to then use this as a crutch/gateway), when you have a lot on your mind, after a crisis, tired, while humming or under hypnosis.

So as I had my morning coffee, a dragon fly came and landed on my cup, right by the word, transformation.  Synch!


Humidity seems to have a spiritual/Mother Nature reason.  I’ve written on rain, thunder, lightening so this one is new to me.   The heat and humidity is on here.  Ah, a hint hint that while the heat/energy is on, go slow.  Humidity will do that to you.

So hold on yet open up and trust.  A great story is being told here.  Thank you for reading.  ❤

4 comments on “Where am I leaping to?

  1. So much of this post resonates with me. The signs and synchronicities are everywhere! I love how your writing helps others to understand things from a spiritual perspective, but in a practical sense as well. Onward and upward!

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