A rest stop break


Oh I’ve been in an energy for days yet last night, it was gone.  It’s like you’re on an overnight car or bus trip – resting/dreaming and then all of a sudden, awoken.  The bus has pulled into a rest stop.  You are wondering if you are at your destination.  Not yet.  You have the option to step off and stretch and use the rest room or try to fall back asleep again.  Really though, your just ready to be there.

I could feel a quiz from the Universe.  This seemed to be a full review.  How did I now feel about myself, my relationships, my purpose, finances, oh the list could go on.  I’ve had these reviews before and I’d be honest about my doubts, fears and challenges.  This time I really was grateful for my health as well as many other things.  It was also very clear to me now a few things that needed attention.  How interesting that patterns do repeat until we are ready. Two of the items were actually quickly resolved/completed. The other – I realized needed meditation verses action, at least for now because it’s not in my control.  All I can do is hold love and light and know that the Divine is at work.

Rest stops and bathroom breaks are a necessity and usually, you’ll be rolling along again pretty quickly.  Use them to your advantage because who knows… it might be a while before the next one 🙂


(haha, this one became more like a pit stop)

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