And the energy continues


The realizations and changes are not stopping.  Neither is this energy.  I wrote a post last night and will probably post it next.  I was certain I was out of the energy – ha!  I awoke a few times overnight – dreams and weird body sensations.  And the energy is moving again in me this morning.  Fast, accelerated would be the words.

If you are feeling it too and can keep up – go for it!  If it gets too much, chill.  Breathe.  I’ve already noticed it doesn’t seem to work well with electronic today (to very different energies).

I can now clearly see that this energy I’m feeling is the same energy I have felt for a few years now yet it’s been timed out/in stages.  It assisted in my every question, seeking, a-ha and even at times, tears – a lot of tears.  The good news is, now, quite some time later, I do feel good.  Mentally strong and emotionally happy.  Yet it’s interesting that when the energy fades, you are keenly aware of what needs your attention.  And you do it and then obviously (for me now), you move on – quickly.  In the past, this lull might have lasted for weeks.  Now, let’s try hours.

You have nothing to prove to the Universe but let’s just say there is every invitation to stop.  To even turn around and go back.  At some points (yes there are many), it does seem as if one has gone to far to turn back.  You do push a bit (or a lot) until you get to a certain, place.  That place is almost indescribable since it’s different for each person.  While the push might be gone, the inner fire is not.

A new part of this never ending journey starts.  A stronger and wiser version of yourself is born.  Really there is always a newer version of yourself calling for you… when you are ready.  If you follow my blog, you know I don’t think ego is a bad thing.  It does serve a purpose and you learn to love it and use it differently.  Ego though has very little to do with your personal power.  Moments that you stand in your power are often so simple, subtle and divine.

If you’ve been putting off anything, now might be the time to just do it.  Do the best you can with it.  We don’t need anything hanging over our head so to speak.  I’ve tackled a few things/projects and the relieve you feel afterwards, ah divine.  Feel up some space.  Get, lighter.

So, we’ll see what unfolds.  Whatever comes your way today, see it as divine… because it is.  It’s all a part of our evolution.  You are an alchemist and a Master so… use your skills.  I ❤ you.

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