Wow, wow, WOW


Really, I’m not sure where to start.  The energy blast of today for me was… HIGH!  I couldn’t write for hours yet wanted to, to capture the essence.  Then again, at times words just don’t convey the meaning.  This is also just like me and a camera – at times I have to put down the camera and enjoy the moment.

I’m now understanding (even more) the process of ascending/embodiment.  (For some reason though I’m not liking those words in this moment because this is who we are.)  Each person’s process is unique so this is just a perspective and there are many.  At this point, I could joke, well, I wish to be light and joyful about what’s been a very serious, long and to be honored process.  It feels great to be in this moment.  So…

While you might (or might not) have been spiritual/psychic/intuitive/empathic before, you Awaken.  It’s worthy of a capital letter.  Can it happen gradually/smoothly?  Yes, but many of us took a more dramatic shaking and it became a defining moment. You then remember your truth in stages (dreams, messages, channeling, signs, etc.) and it does add up to be a lot.  You go through a dark night or even a near-death and you purge and purge.  Then you remember some more and have some good, even great days and then you are back purging and releasing again. You are also taken out of your comfort zone into the bizarre and also becoming authentic and transparent as your practice new skills.  Oh so many lessons and wondering if it will ever end.  At times you think you are waiting or some strange holding pattern (or cave) but a lot is happening.  The changes are so subtle you hardly even notice.  Then you start to feel the energy in a new way – each wave/upgrade/experience.  Higher and higher… and you just can’t make this stuff up.  It becomes your reality.  Have a left out some details?  YES – a lot!  Will this happen for all/most?  Yes, yet… maybe not this lifetime.  Most don’t feel this energy (the old me certainly didn’t) and it takes a gift of time and space.  And while there seems to be a process, it’s so back and forth, up and down, round and round, stop and go, so there’s really no way to say it will happen in, these outlined steps.  If you are reading though, you are for a reason and picking up on this energy 🙂

The energy got so high today all I could do for an hour was sit with it and enjoy it.  How did it feel?

NO pain/body

NO time


Giddy!  At one point all I could do was laugh and it surely did seem that I was “under the influence” of something.

And neither you or Spirit necessarily need to talk.  You just absorb.  It feels as if you could sit/be this forever.  You might even forget to eat/drink (hours later I came back to a full cup of coffee I never even took a slip of).  I’ve had moments of this connection and have described them as, love… unconditional love… love that you have not felt, here.  Now, that word wasn’t even covering it.  What is more than, love?  It’s a reset like taking a walk in nature and remembering the import things in life times 111.

While I had an agenda today, when I felt the energy shift up, I had to let go.  The more I opened up, the more I seemed to absorb.  Trust that what you are absorbing will serve you well in the next few weeks/months.

Right before the energy rose, I was starting to note on the new vision I’m experiencing and started this list:

  • Weather – Seeing incoming weather (like storm clouds), transposed over the current.
  • Empty space – seeing what could/will be built there or what was there.
  • People – what they look like in another life/timeline.  Often strikingly close.  Eyes and birthmarks the same yet gender, etc. can change.  Often many lessons you can see are carried through lifetimes.
  • Medical symptom’s – oh, years ago I had a lesson on this one and see why some become medical intuitive.  It’s beyond amazing to see/be told of conditions that might happen (stroke, Parkinson’s, accident, etc.).  I say might because small and big changes = changes to future outcome.
  • You will be able to read people like never before.  In a second you will know.  You will be able to get to the root of the issue and… know that the person probably isn’t ready for that level of truth yet.  Honor their journey.

As this new vision is coming online, you have to trust, know that everything is okay and that you are protected AND… you do have to use a bit of caution.

You’ll also have moments where others will be talking to you about real world problems and all you will do is remain in your bubble/aura of peace, love and bliss and… smile at them.  Some may try to ground you to 3D of which you are a part of 🙂 and it’s your choice whether you are ready to land again.  It is okay to say, let me get back with you.

And if all of this isn’t amazing enough… I think things are about to get even more interesting.  X’s in the sky are a sign for me and I haven’t seen one in awhile.  (If you follow my blog you know I don’t see chem trails.)  I just walked outside to be greeted by this one.  Hmm…



1st picture found online 🙂

4 comments on “Wow, wow, WOW

  1. A blessed morning. The debate if whether I should be flying in a bubble or caught in 4D (the space between 3D and 5D.) I wish I could share with you the information in Matt Kahn’s Whatever, Arises, Love That Retreat. There was a question from a man who follows exopolitics, and the final lecture was about Ascension.

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    • Any of these “places” has a purpose. While your choices to some extent determine, I also believe it will happen regardless. Trust the process. I think I was unconsciously striving for 5D and then let go (thinking that might be unrealistic for me this live) and then coincidently things stated happening faster 🙂 I had to look up the word, exopolitics, lol. Thank you for being my teacher. ❤ ❤

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    • It takes sleep, too. It was a bit hard to but I made myself sleep 9 hours. This is a marathon so we do have to pace ourselves. I have to remind myself to breathe and prioritize.


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