In the in between?


After days in energy blissville (see prior posts if needed)… there was a contemplation/review energy which was followed by a sense of peace, lightness and silence.  And then… was the panic button/vibration/test pressed?  Yesterday afternoon was not what I expected.  A strong wave of feelings/emotions and they were not me.  I’ve had this happen before.  It does often happen after the high blasts of energy/upgrades yet one also seems to forget each and every time.  Whatever is not matching who you are becoming, needs to now surface and go.  You are now strong enough to work with/change/release this.

Years ago it was me.  Then some time ago it was a mix of me and the collective.  Now, honestly, it didn’t feel like me at all yet it felt like it might have been another life or a soul (aspect?) that needed comfort/to catch up.  When one changes, all changes.  If you can get deep enough in meditation, you’ll be shown/told.  And if not, that’s also okay.  In the past, it’s been sadness and tears were shed and then frustration – trips to the gym or power walk time.  This time it seems to be anxiety/panic and this feeling that something, somewhere was very, wrong.  (If it’s the first time this has happened to you, you’ll be certain something is when it is not, or at least in your reality so I write this to say at times the unexplainable, happens).

I did meditate.  I also rested.  I welcomed the feelings to be with me, thinking really I am in a good place.  Sure hang out with me for the afternoon, lol.  It was a reminder of how good I do feel now.  I thought, I’ve remembered a fair share of messages yet I’ve rarely heard the whisper of… I love you.  Isn’t that interesting?  Because when I’ve given messages from departed loved one’s souls, one of the top messages is, I love you.  Matt Kahn is known for his, I love you’s (it does work so you can check out his teachings).  In your own way, encode an, I love you.  Place it out there for any soul who needs to hear/feel it.  It might just be a version of yourself in a different time or place who hears it.

There are many advantages to these recent tragedies.  Change!  And a profound release.  It’s needed.  We’ve collectively been numb and suppressing for a while now.  Many of us are in a good place to help stabilize and remind others – this is what we’ve been waiting for 🙂  We are different now and are here to use our skills (not hide or add to the worry).  What if tragedy is just, awakening?  🙂  Often though, we feel we need to take action.  Know that turning inward is also action.

Release dreams also seem to be in the air.  It’s easy to think they are a warning of something to come.  The worst is behind us.  So symbolic, yes.  Literal, not so much.

The energy is still strong, just working differently.  Whatever has arisen, it’s now time to make changes, practice or rest if you need to.  There is this sense of not knowing quite what to do.  Trust it!  You may feel like what just happen and now what?  You are further along than you realize.  Your not really in-between two worlds although it may feel like it. You’re right where you are supposed to be – in the middle of it all.  When you go that high it does seem like all questions are answered and everything is easy and instant.  You are certain you are forever changed… and you are.  Slowly you are becoming this energy and your life does change but it doesn’t usually happen in one lone blast/reunion.  This is actually where you use your Mastery/alchemy skills – right here, right now.  Use your power to create/be the difference.

My advice is to keep things simple yet try to have some fun.  Let it all catch up.  At times more meditation actually doesn’t seem to help yet a walk in nature or trip to the pool or a good laugh sure does.  Well… there are just so many ways to meditate.  More of these energy waves are coming.  It might be in the next moment or weeks from now – each will be feeling differently.

For me I’ve learned that I often catch, write and release and then… do it again.  When it gets quiet, I need to share.  I’m sure I’ve written a post similar to this one so I wasn’t going to write yet once I started, I could feel the energy again.  It doesn’t matter if we repeat.  Each post is different enough and we are different enough and at times reminders are needed.  And you never know who synchronistically needs to find it, now.  Whenever that now may be.  I also write to show as many sides of this journey as I experience.  It can be all sunshine and roses but it takes a while to get there.

So know I’m thinking of you and love you.  Loosen up so that it can all settle yet also get out there and get some fresh air.  Spread your wings and magic. 🙂  ❤

4 comments on “In the in between?

  1. The idea that resonated with me was:
    “Whatever is not matching who you are becoming, needs to now surface and go.”
    I have found this to be very true in my own life. Thank you for sharing this very intriguing personal essay. 🐞

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