What is love and light?


I often use these two words interchangeably.  Often as a parting statement like a, sincerely.  Yet… what do they mean?  Well, I seemed to have created an entire blog on it since it can mean, a lot.  But let’s keep this short, simple and sweet and… this is just my humble perspective.  Love = Love… yet think of it as unconditional love… love x 111 (yes, an angel number). 

A love that we remember as we connect to our source (whether that be God, Spirit, a higher power or… )  and then we grown into this love for the rest of our life.  We become it.  Love really is so simple yet at times we learn different versions and have to relearn what love really is and can be.  This type of love takes away all longing.  Often people think of love as an emotion yet it’s more than we realize.  It’s also so subtle, like the glue that holds everything together.

Light = Light.  It keeps us warn and shows us the way to our truth… however much we need to feel complete.  Each person has a personal truth but it can get buried by busy, expectations, other’s desires, ways that we learn or are conditioned by, yet they are not our own.  Your truth is your core, power, freedom and birthright.  The light will lead you home.  Often this is to your heart and in time, other places.  Light can also be described as a vibration upon which you attune to.

One could ague that one is greater than the other yet for me, they flow together like the infinity sign. A scholar/guru could also get a bit technical/lengthy here and add a lot more detail.  I think that is for you to discover in your own journey.  I’ve found that The Light has often lead me to my truth for it to change yet again.

I was first introduced to these two words many years ago.  Honestly I wasn’t quite sure what they meant and it would be several more years until I started seeking.  My own personal journey and vision quest.  These two words opened not only a whole new horizon but then, a new world and universe.  It also opened me as if a new person was born.  While one could say it’s a hippie/New Age/lightworker/spiritual thing… it can become a new foundation upon which you build and live your life.  So… it can be as simple or complex as you desire.  It’s all good and true.


I AM wishing you LOVE and LIGHT!  And… feel free to share what love and light means to you.


Additional reading:  03/14/16 Where love and light become one

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