Monday Check In


This will be quick.  Time is a gift and it seems to be going quickly.  Know that a lot is being stirred up right now.  Remember we are being asked to feel some things very deeply.  Find your breath, balance, peace and love.  I am in some ways also (still) processing this energy.  New a-ha’s and a few of them… it’s not that they aren’t settling well… let’s just say I can feel expansion.  It can though feel like your feathers are being ruffled a bit, haha… or… not

Rest is so important right now.  Sleep (although you may not feel like it) or moments of silence.  Give yourself permission to have/do… both.  I’ve finding I need to journal now more a bit to figure a few things out.  While some a-ha’s are instant, some you have to work on in layers and stages.

I’d love to write more but I have a few doors to walk through today.  This is a time to walk in our Mastery. Remember we leave our energy everywhere we go.


I AM thinking of you and know that ALL is well.  And it is 7/11… oh thank Heaven.  I think it’s time to get a slurpie 🙂  Don’t forget your child-like nature 🙂


UPDATE:  DSCF4676.JPG  Cheers!  Life is good 🙂   AND my lid stayed on!

6 comments on “Monday Check In

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  2. I went to lunch with my son this weekend and the restaurant we were in was crowded. He said I have to get out of here soon, I’m feeling overwhelmed and it seems so chaotic. Oh boy, others are feeling this energy indeed.

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