An infinity of a-ha’s


Do you remember a time when your spiritual journey seemed  s-l-o-w?  As if nothing… or not much was happening yet you so wanted for something… anything to happen?  Well, this would not be one of those times now (or at least for me).  It is interesting… this reemergence that has been unfolding for me.  Each week/month, more.  Years ago I did have a time where it seemed as if life almost stopped.  It needed to.  I had much to learn/remember. 

I guess I’ve always been a story teller so it was a bit of a shock to others, as well as myself, when I went silent.  At times I couldn’t describe what was happening and then when I could, I wasn’t so sure others would appreciate.  In time I would find, ways.

I can remember the old me – stressed, hurried, doing the best I could as a queen of multitasking.  Well, I don’t wish to be her again.  Big, more and better was the goal… right?  That was what I was being told yet I wasn’t so sure.  Now I know if you get too busy/rushed, you miss your signs… and often the joy.  You’re just not in tune with the vibration of your nature.  So now I feel enough rushing by me again yet, I get to decided what is, real.  What signs captures my attention?  What situations do I need to pause and energetically be a part of?   So is this more recent acceleration a test?  It doesn’t have to be.  At times, when it all seems a bit much, it then instantly becomes so simple.  All you have to do is pull into your happy place – your heart space – and know.

I’m sure I’ve said before but after processing some recent information/downloads, can I just say, we don’t know jack.  We come to a place of knowing to have that flipped upside down.  Like an hour glass.. or a figure eight/infinity sign.

So for now, I am certain that we come here to awaken/save/work on ourselves first, foremost and ongoing.  Yes, you will have a role in helping others, this planet and Universe but it happens so naturally (verses forced or agenda driven).  I am realizing I am not the lightworker I was a few years ago.  There’s a newer sense of a deep calm and peace where there was years of pushing to understand my real purpose/place/blueprint/divine plan.  Like a, are we there yet?  and I would often know, no.  Well, several months ago wherever that, there was… I found it It’s not the destination.  It is the journey and you are always, home.  So whatever I was striving for, well…  I changed.

Yet… maybe I got a bit too comfortable since Spirit had a one-on-one with me the other evening.  What did I choose, now?  Months ago I felt and wrote on how my blogging had probably served it’s purpose.  I felt my energy might be better served being channeled  🙂 in a different way.  I wasn’t even sure what or where yet but this is not a bad thing.  In making a change, a pause and silence, a great new path can be born.  At times we do need to completely let go, hold space and then the new path is shown.  Spirit though advised me to hold on and I am glad that I did.  I seem to be writing my way to my/our new life/timeline.

Over the past few days though, I’ve been considering taking a blogging break for several reasons.  (I share this just to be honest and now more to just document the journey – it will resonate with someone.)  I am seeing so many that have awoken and the word/support that is available.  I did wonder if my role was to step aside.  To just, be.  Yet… we are right in the middle of a large energy wave; this chapter isn’t over yet.  And so the blogging continues because I can’t seem to help myself, lol.  Well, yes I can… I seem to morph with each post.

Spirit showed me that we each hold many blueprints and for each, they are supported.  While honestly I wanted this information a few years ago, now it was being presented – my information.  I could see the plans and just enough of the details for each one.  Now which one did I choose?  But then it was like the blueprints were rolled up – preview time was over.  The Energy Angel was gone yet I could hear, think on it and get back with us.  Hmm… can I get another look?  Did this one have…?  While this can give one a lot to think on… it can be so simple.  I got in my heart space and sent a transmission out to the Universe.  Really we aren’t to know our blueprint… all of the details.  Interesting though because we were the ones who designed them.  We came here to be surprised, to have challenges and to experiment, practice, play and create.

For some, you know…  well, you know enough and if you are tired of waiting… you can now move as Spirit/your higher self.  That would be one step ahead of your normal self.  Talk about a walk of faith… it is.  It might just be a bit of a walk on the wild side.  An adventure indeed.  Just now are you ready.

Yes, while this post is already long enough, waitthere’s more.  I do thank you for reading.  I had a bit of a reality check that honestly I’ve had before yet it seemed to hit me a bit harder this time.  I found an article form 10 years ago about how 5D was now available.  What…?  Hasn’t this wave been striving for years/decades/lifetimes to anchor 5D?  It HAS been here all along.  But of course.  It’s all here and now… it’s a process and how we perceive it.  5D is a dimension/experience/state but it’s also a process.  And there are many dimensions.  I’ve used it as a reference point.  We do need these words to help find our group/energetic match.  But I also think I’m going to stop labeling these dimensions.  Yes, each is a bit different and at times needs to be distinguished but I seem to love it all and how they all mix and blend together… at least for me.

Another a-ha or maybe it’s just a thought…  Many lightworkers feel driven to serve.  To assist in some way of the awakening of the planet.  We talk about those who haven’t woken up yet.  Well… what if they have… and… what if they decided to come back as asleep (resting) Masters and, just to help in our awakening.  Just for the sure joy in giving us purpose or for the cheer comic factor.  What if things are not how they seem?  So a lightworker may feel driven to teach the masses, when, the masses might be further along than one realizes.  First will be last… last will be first??  They don’t need to wake up… they are having the experience they asked for.  I’ve see so many Masters in what seems like an asleep being.  At times it almost seems to slip out and that angelic wink just to remind one.  Hmm… and you don’t have to agree.  This is just a perspective.

I’m also realizing that sleep can assist in anchoring/setting one into a vibration during their awake hours.  What if 8+ hours of sleep a night anchors you into a higher vibration.  Less worry, higher thoughts.  Every now and then I get an 11 hours of sleep and no wonder I feel so amazing.

And… I’ve been seeing free will in a newer way.  Free will is our creation power yet it’s very different than control.  How do you know the difference?  Free will = flowing.  Control = problems.  You’ll know when you are in the control vibration since you’ll feel it (dis ease) and often tension and then things seem to go not going as planned.  Control though can be a great teacher.

I also saw a moment in a new perspective.  We all have stories that we tell.  Often one could judge that ego is tied in.  What if the story though just makes the soul happy?  It’s not so much bragging as just returning to, home.  A frequency of happiness?  Let stories be told.

I’m also looking at empaths very differently.  I would call myself an empath but more recently realized some have chosen this role and it’s very unconscious to them.  They are filtering what others can’t.  They are cleaning up this planet is the most awesome ways.  Talk about an alchemist. They are clearing and cleaning energy fields everywhere they go.  For some it’s a 24/7 job and no wonder it’s so challenging.  (This alone is worthy of another post and we’ll see if I can get back to it at another time.  It also ties into the buzzard symbolism).

Okay… seriously enough so…

A-ha’s help with closure, healing, and moving forward.  They change you.  Some a-ha’s though will so humble you.  So profoundly change your course.  This is what we came here to experience.  Some can feel like they rock your foundation.  You have to be willing to let go and build again.  Allow the light to come in, move through you and be you.

Thank you for reading.  I am honored and… ❤ you.


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