More Remembrance


Really this is just sharing.  Take what serves you and thank you for reading 🙂  To pick up on a thought from the last post… at times the Universe might not back down on this energy but we can learn how to relieve some of the pressure ourselves.

Often it’s pressure we place on ourselves… yes, very unbeknownst to us.  We are Master’s and are to master this, too.  We’ve been asking for this for awhile now, haha… be careful what you ask for.  In many ways it’s a huge compliment and just think how many people are so wishing for this.

And this isn’t about keeping up.  This is about flowing.  What doesn’t get done, doesn’t get done for a reason.  🙂  Let go.

So here’s a mix of stuff, all good and grab bag style.

New gifts are emerging now and they run the gamete.  Everything from suddenly or even slowly remembering a new language (light, foreign yet not, speaking in tounges) to rune stones, pendulums, etc.  Often you used these tools/skills before/elsewhere.  See what you are drawn to or drawing. 🙂  Often the Universe will send a teaser to see if you bite and proceed.

This energy wave has a pulse that seemed to activate or purge, cravings.  This was a first for me.  If you had an old habit/addiction, don’t be surprised if it stirs in you. You can let it go.  It served you well then and is not part of your future.  This is just a reminder of how far you have come.  And if you currently have a habit, no worries.  In time… 🙂  A lot is happening now, one lesson at a time.  This is also being stirred up due to the increase in energy/brain activity and often habits are deeply ingrained there.  So some things are being freed up.  Let them go.

I rarely get fast food/take-out yet I am human and live on this planet so… it hit me that consistently the past three times I’ve placed an order, I 100% trusted.  Each time as I arrived at my destination and opened the bag, it was basically the exact opposite of what I’d ordered.  Now, the meal did sustain, it just wasn’t what I requested.  Haha… often like this journey.

Have you ever been in a situation that seemed to drag out a bit?  You wonder, why?  A question to ask might be, what are you trying to show me here and now?  Often we are forward thinking when we haven’t finished our plate that is in front of us.

For some time now I’ve known some of my feelings/experience are not my own… alone.  Yes, they are a part of me yet activated.  Why?  For the collective good.  It’s my part of the story to tell.  What I chose before I even got here or in those meeting we have as we “sleep”.  It is like a board meeting.  Who’s going to write/remind on… depression, anxiety, dreams, Mother Nature, awakening and oh the list can go on and on.  Eww Eww, me, lol.

I’ve decided to love it all.  This would be both duality and the All/One concept.  The concept of Oneness would included a world of duality, right?  And it’s not the old verses the new parading of spiritual teachings.  Both are great.

I’m also pondering on how the lightworkers of now are going into service.  I was given a visual.  It was very interesting.  Many lightworkers will be taking their newest out into the world yet trying to do it in an old way.  They didn’t seem to line up/match.  The way of business cards, networking, attending expo’s, having an office, etc.  Now trust there is nothing wrong with this way.  Many will be very successful. This way though can also be exhausting.  So the Universe was reminding me that we are also savvier.  We are to continue to pull in for guidance.  To find our ways as we manure in the new world.  We are to show some unique and successful ways to be of service.  This is NOT about being busy, stressed or rushed.  This is not about, work.

And random but… could kundalini rising be Atlantis rising?  Many (some time ago) wrote on Atlantis returning.  Maybe it is happening more than we realize… in our reality just in a different form.  The island/place/form is no longer needed.  We are mobile.

Watch how the Universe is speaking to you right now.  Could you see a sign in what you think is junk mail?  At times it’s not always so obvious.  And those random phone calls or wrong numbers… are they?  Number seem to hold a bit more significants now for me.  I do love numerology and the Universe will teach you what your own numbers/signs mean.  Often it will not be what has been traditionally written.

Until next time!  Enjoy!

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