Who said this was going to be easy?


So late last night I said, uncle.  Seriously… I wasn’t warned of the intensity of this energy.  Well, yes I was.  Many times but hearing about it and now experiencing it are two very different things.  And we aren’t done yet either. The energy is awesome and amazing yet…

A lot of other things are part of this package.  See list below/read the fine print.  🙂  I am in a joking mood trying to keep this, light.

Isn’t it interesting, when we’re not in the energy or connected to our guidance, we basically beg for it yet when it comes on too strong or not how we think/like… we will/can ask it to back off… or complain.  This journey often does have two extremes when we are striving to find a consistent happy ground.  All of it though is what we came here to experience and there is always a happy place… in you.

I went to bed late and got up fully charged super early – not like me.  In some ways the last few days I feel overcharged yet then (after reminding myself) calm right down again.  I am now understanding why this happens in stages and doses that we can handle.  Well for me up until now.  So I was asking for some advice from the Universe since everything seems so amped up now.  I’ve had seasons of being so chill and zen pretty much 24/7  yet now, I have to remind myself to be that aspect.

While I’ve mentioned these at some point in the journey, they all seem to be happening now and it seems magnified.  Here are some highlights:

  • Feeling the energy during the day and it is high.
  • When I go to bed, my own personal light show when I close my eyes.  Flashes of light (only lasts a few minutes).
  • Kundalini rising (the heat that goes up your back) often 1-2 hours before I’d normally awake.  Trust me that it will wake you up.  I haven’t had this in quite some time and honestly thought I was past that stage – ha.
  • “Dreams”
  • My body seems to be releasing (even more old wounds are surfacing and healing again.)  I am loving each one as they do.
  • Everything seems to be a sign as a new level of knowledge is waking up.  All senses seem to be stimulated.  It does seem to then push your mind into overload as you try to make this, “normal”. Well, this is not normal – this is extra ordinary.  A new level of awakening and it seems to presently be the mother of all awakenings/activations/upgrades.  Add in, a-ha’s galore.  Mind – Blown!
  • Your heart will also race.  Often at night when you are trying to sleep.  🙂  😦  You will have moments/days where you want to sleep but you can’t.  Or you suddenly now have narcolepsy.  At times you totally forget to eat/drink yet then could eat anything you can get your hands on.

So last night as I was saying enough, because as all of this is going on, one is now fully living  (which would included driving a car, caring for/being around/working with others, etc.) Before many of us where in a cocoon/cave/protected when this stuff was happening.  A lot is going on and now we know it.  I feel at times though an error 404 coming on.  Where am I?  Who am I?  I can also see where one would get frustrated because these upgrades takes years, like, will this ever end?  I seem to know that at some point it will stabilize.  Ah, let’s all take a breath.

I could feel the Universe smiling.  This made me smile.  So okay, I just have to keep breathing.  I know that this is a gift and I have been though worse.  Trust the process.

I realized for some reason we/our body actually fights some of these activations/upgrades/awakenings.  Like it’s foreign to us.  Our body becomes our immune system and can go into overdrive to protect us.  This does baffle me a bit.  Doesn’t our body remember how to do this?  So relaxing, meditation and laughing do seem to help.  To loosen up.  We seem to expect this to be so easy and it can be easier if we just allow.

So while I could write more, let’s not make this complicated.

Happy awakening… even more!  Are we having fun yet?

8 comments on “Who said this was going to be easy?

  1. I slept through the energy last night I was so exhausted. It was high, though, so much that I ended up having a projection. Well, a somewhat forced one anyway. The Universe is not letting us out of this one. Uncle or no uncle.

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  2. Oh can I ever relate to the not feeling like eating and that at other times feel I could eat my way through a whole grocery store! Today I feel lethargic, like I want to keep to myself, where as the last few days I have felt like a chatty Cathy. Talk about highs and lows. But I too remain in the flow.

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