The truth…


will set you free.  You know the saying.  🙂  And you probably also know the other saying.  The truth will set you free but first, it will piss you off.  Or it might just humble you a bit.  So… you get to decide.  Both can be a fuel… use whichever you need. 

You will know your truth… when you are ready.  And not a moment before.  Can I just say, you can ask a question for years without the understanding/knowing/a sign/message?  Can this be frustrating?  YES!  With this recent energy and as I feel my energy raise… just now am I ready to see/hear/know a few things.  And as the truth settles in, it can be very freeing.  Very lightening… enlightening.  I can feel the resistance I’ve held… possibly for some time… and very unbeknownst to me finally be, released.  Ahh.

Yet, at the same time… you might not like what you hear.  You might now realize there might be a delay (yes, another) or a change in course or something that now becomes very obvious.  Like a, how could I not have seen/known that?  Well… you weren’t supposed to until this very moment.

We really are too hard on ourselves.  We really do, do the best we can in each moment.  So what if you don’t agree?  We have free will, right?  Yes… and now we are being asked to use our skills, some that are very new to us, to obtain the highest potential outcome.  We can alter time… and mater.  Take any issue you have and place it in your heart (not your mind) and bless it.  Hold it in love and light.  See it as it extends outward and how it will benefit others as well.  For this or better.  Then open your heart again and see what you haven’t seen before.  Stay open.  All is supported.

In love, light and service… I ❤ you 🙂

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