A simple energy update…?


Well…that was my original intent but then I got on a roll writing.  Thanks for reading.

For those who follow along, you know my story and style.  If you may be new… well… we found each other for a reason.  🙂  I wanted to keep this simple and that might be pretty easy because I don’t even understand some of the things that are energetically going on, well, more so for me right now.  I can make some guesses but I type when I know them.  I just need, time.  (I know there is no, time but here on Earth it sure is a gift.)  Simply, the energy remains high and is affecting many in different ways. 

I was a spiritual seeker and follower for many years.  I’ve always had moments of intuition and several years ago it basically turned into a full time job… journey… life.  I started channeling and then over a year ago started a new process of… well, the easiest word would be embodiment.  I have (at times) been taken outside of my comfort zone yet I’m smiling.  So I’ve been very much feeling these energy waves and often, when in the past, it was not at all or maybe a few times a year.  I do feel connected both to Mother Earth and the unseen in a new way.

While a few of my posts have stated, this was the highest one yet… the last energy pulse I felt took me into an energy that did not end.  To be honest, it scared me a bit after the fact as my brain was trying to understand.  Before I’ve always felt a bit of a bubble/ceiling and had this knowing that I’d return/come down.  So I was now saying, I am so glad to be human.  I was so glad to be, home.  This was a switch for me because some time ago I went Home and it was not of this world.  In this journey, one often pushes to get to a destination/ascend/whatever goal you think you are seeking.  You can often grumble with your humanes once you’ve had some Divine experiences.  Now, I was truly loving being human… even more.

While many of us have been saying that new skills/awakening/remembrance would be happening this summer, honestly I didn’t think that applied to me.  I was truly happy with what I do, do and receive.  So this past week or so has even been a bit of a shock to me.  Everything has been intensified.

I thought I understood what an empath was.  I seem to be getting some lessons here.  I remember when I first learned what an empath was and the relieve.  I then better understood my personality and actions.  This sense now seems to be heightened and it’s taking a bit of getting used to.  It is reading and feeling energy very deeply (with no effort, it just is).  Many are feeling this.

I do believe this journey can be hard enough.  Music and at times making fun of the irony of many of the situations does help.  I’ve backed away from posting/adding music but trust music is life.  I also believe that there is no wrong way to do your own personal journey.  I see and at times read online a lot of clearing.  This is a good thing.  Some would say not to release negative energy but at times, this is what one needs to do… and as many times as it takes.  🙂

I spent most of the day out in public.  It is 100 degree hot here.  For most of the day I wondered, is everyone in a state of emergency?  Stress is one thing but add some, heat… short tempers.  This is a release/detox of negativity.  Often what has been stuffed down.  Take nothing personal and leave your positive (or negative 🙂  energy wherever you go.

I believe just about anything can be meditation (a walk in nature, jam session, folding laundry, cooking, working on a craft/art project, going for a drive, etc).  Find a way that works for you.  I watched Allegiant last night and yes I recommend.  Movies are a great reset.  When you’re stressed, you just can’t see all of the options.  Your brain is often put on lock down.  Meditation will open up/relax your mind.  I’ve found that the mind will push you forward when you just have to let go.  Allow the bright idea to surface.

I’ve been noting my signs since they are everywhere.  In nature, in anything odd thing that happens, particularly if more than once (because at times I’m even clueless/stubborn).  Animals that normally only come out at night here are now coming very close.  I was greeted today by a ground hog (come out and look around) and deer (be gentle).

The ending energy is strong right now.  I’m even reminding myself I’m not going anywhere (not death, just more change and yikes, may be big).  So many are having dark nights (they are not fun but at times needed in this journey) or just this very awkward/undefined feeling and it can be intense.  Breathe and trust.

I awoke this morning from a deep sleep and there was what one could say was pain yet it was this pressure around my life purpose chakra (below my heart).  It was intense and as if I was connected to, something.  It took about 10 minutes for it to fade.  Can’t wait to better understand that one.

I was nominated for a Liebster Award.  I am honored.  I remember when I started blogging  and so wanted an, award.  I did receive a Blogger Recognition Award in July of 2015 and quickly learned that it was a bit of, work.  Yes it can be fun and nice to pay it forward but my heart just wasn’t in in then … or now.  Each one of these posts have come from a place of love and passion (that at times I don’t even understand), so I need to pass on the formalities.  Right now it’s taking all of me just to process this energy and write what I can.  And life… oh ya, that, too.  🙂  Thank you though Rise with Jamie for thinking of me.  ❤

I went to get my coffee and laughed.  My cup was running over, yes a sign.  Then I couldn’t believe – the heart.  Love… absolutely.


Many of us are getting ready to go into service in a new way.  You don’t have to understand because seriously, what fun would that be.  So for now rest and enjoy because it might just happen sooner than you think.  Spirt often asks us to step into energy that is one step ahead of us.  So as we head into the next full moon – a time to, see and expand.  Breathe and let’s take this one, slow and gentle. With ease and grace.  Let’s love and enjoy!

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