What helps ground this energy?


You would think I would know.  I had to be reminder.  And it became very clear as a several earth bound angels reminded me again and again within just a few hours. 

I love it when an old photo gets, liked.  A message/sign?  Yes!  It’s been for me each and every time.  What I put out there now comes back to me… for me.  The message was clear and so simple.  Love.  To sit with… love.  Maybe I’d sent out an energetic distress call because I was having a hard time grounding this energy.  I usually float but gheez… I was ready to stabilize.  So it’s so simple, it’s hard.  If you’ve tried the ways that normally work (taking a bath/shower, a nap, etc.) ground yourself in love in meditation or in your reality.  A long hug… a conversation with a friend/family member.  Just realizing that you matter here and … that you came here to be and feel love.  Well, for me now I was able to ground when the old/usual ways (of taking a walk, etc.) only seemed to escalate the energy.

I took this simple picture a few years ago.  I wasn’t expecting to see the heart but it was a pleasant surprise.  That’s what this journey is about… LOVE and being surprised.

So thank you my earth bound angels and team of support.  We are loved more than we realize.

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