A simple energy update


So… let’s try this again. Spirit is simple and in everything. The Divine is at work.  It is though often so subtle you might just miss it… yet Spirit is whispering, pay attention.

I awoke this morning to a bird tapping at my bedroom window.  Yes, opportunity and life is knocking.  This week I’ve had several moments that made me smile as I saw how they were divinely orchestrated.  To be present is a gift.  A simple moment can change your life as much as any big one.

It is though as if a harp is being played.  Each strung is being plucked.  Some are for peace and joy yet some are to release fear, anxiety, sadness, anger and… the unkown.  Regardless, it makes for a beautiful song and experience.  Feel it.  Allow it to move you.  We are being asked to see life differently and to have a change of heart.

We are also being asked to align to the highest vibration we can at this time.  How do you do that?  Well, it can be simple.  Trust the process… your process.  A process that often happens in stages.  We have to allow each stage to play out to later understand.  Often a feeling or situation will come and we don’t know what to do.  With patience and in time, a sign or knowing will come.  So don’t add to the confusion.  Keep things simple and trust… yourself.  When we add to the confusion/drama, it then becomes a lesson (yes, we choose this).  Here it’s summer, schools out… hint, hint… less lessons, more fun!

The word from Spirt is jubilant.  I haven’t heard this word in years.  A feeling or expressing great happiness and triumph.  Yes!  Remember?  A lot has and is happening.  Today does seem to be a very high/energetic day.  Proceed with ease, grace and love and everything else will fall into place.  So how are you doing angels, loves, seekers and visionaries?


Spirit has approved and endorsed this message.  🙂

(word count 333)

3 comments on “A simple energy update

  1. You are truly a blessing! Yesterday was a high energy day for me, moving from place to place like a hummingbird, connecting with others, leaving my seeds of Love. I see some things shifting in my life and I am trying to stay in a place of neutrality and allowance.

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