Awaken from Awakening


I like raw or unfiltered writing. It captures the essence of a particular moment. Yet, I’ve also learned that if you allow time and space, a much wiser version of self and writing appear. Both are truth… as it changes.  Well… all there is, is now so here we go…  So these are the words I’ve come to,  awaken from awakening.  This is the stage I/many are in. It’s powerful… amazing… and a bit confusing. 

Well, to the mind and personality.  I had a perfect storm brewing yet didn’t realize it.  The most powerful upgrades that I’ve had thus far (yet wasn’t giving them enough credit/time/space) and trying to be a full time writer/blogger and trying to maintain my everyday life.  And can I also mention its summer here and I have teens who remind me daily that these are the months we live for.  To play.

I realized blogging as much as I have been has almost turned into a full time job.  Reading, writing, checking emails, etc.  Yikes!  Yet, I’ve loved it.  Every second.  I will though need to do it differently.  I will be with many of you in a new way; more so… in spirit.  I am being literally here so be sure to check you astral voice mail.  And if you are not currently getting messages (words, visions, knowings) I/Spirit can come through in a sign.  Remember I like music, humor and nature 🙂  Seriously!  This is what we believe in so let’s practice/use our gift a lot more.  For example, I’ve picked up on a few messages from fellow bloggers and they have helped me so much this week – thank you!!  (And, yes, we can use the blog/email/fb as back up 🙂  And no pressure, it may be months or years from now yet you’ll know.

Often we place pressure on ourselves.  The Universe isn’t doing this to us alone, often we do it to ourselves.  A small example that comes to mind is seeing bloggers apologize for being, away.  Bloggers often blog because their heart’s in it and often it’s an unpaid calling.  A labor of love.  Yet we treat it like a professional job and are very dedicated, loyal and concerned.  I do understand why. We know what it’s like. We want more of the story/message/understanding. Our mind wants to know, why was there a delay?  What happens next?  Spirit though once told me that often we apologize for the wrong things and give no apology where it might be more appropriate and needed.  True… when you stop to notice.  While we do work in the multidimensional, I now needed to apologize to myself for thinking I was Wonder Woman (or a really good juggler) here on Earth.  In addition, we don’t realize how much we do stabilize here for our multidimensional self.

I’ve written another post that addresses the stopping and will post that tomorrow – let’s do this in stages. In many ways, it weaves into this writing and will fill in the gaps.  It also ties into what we might be seeing in September  (or end of the year).

So my guidance was saying, wake up… yet I was like, again, lol??   Life and Spirit is what happens when you are busy making other plans… or continuing on as you have been.  So once I disconnected, it was now clear who I’ve become and that a new way/life is also calling.  At times we can only hear the messages that are waiting in cue when we are a strong and clear vibrational match.  I was also waking up to this simple and common phrase that has been around for years now.  Now it meant something very deep to me. ∞


This truly is a REBIRTH. A second chance at life.  It’s like we are being reset to the innocence and knowing that we came in as.

Years ago I didn’t have much patience/interest for the extreme woo-woo teachers yet I might have become one.  I realized I believe in some bizarre stuff and so do many others.  Yet if you don’t come up for air… you don’t really know this.  You have to step out of the stream to know.  You have to come back to Earth, completely and to be present.  I do believe in the unseen, soul aspects, jumping timelines, and working in multiple realities.  I also believe in having fun and living.  In some ways, I’ve also been waiting on some messages to explain what has been going on for me personally (the finite details of these upgrades) and I finally realized, I’m just not to know.  It’s not part of what I share/teach… or at least not now.  And actually I now feel very blessed for this because it would be beyond bizarre. I need to know certain things and keep this simple. And… maybe it’s for the next waves to figure out – this wave is to get them to this point.

I’ve been writing often enough on the unusual ascending symptoms yet realized this might just exacerbate it.  Now the unusual is my (new) normal.  I can still feel the energy yet it doesn’t need to be the focus or mentioned as often in writing.  At times we are taken way out there to experience/understand and then we come back to our center and style.

At times we just don’t need, more, yet the Universe will provide until you’re satisfied.  I did feel like I was in a rhythm, routine and wished to ride and document this current energy wave to completion yet…  it’s like the ocean. Rarely do waves cease. After a few days I could also see I brought this acceleration to me to wake me up, yet again. I realized that just because you can do, that doesn’t necessarily mean that is what one is to, do.

There is always, more to write.  It never ends.  And I’ve seemed to developed a writers mind.  I even write in my sleep – gheez.  Yet, I write (yet again now) for the mind and to close a chapter/loop and evolve… again.  There are times to take our words to the sky (internet) and time to ground our words and actions to Earth… even more.  I am being asked to do a few things differently.  I will though continue to write/blog and it might even seem the same yet… I am not the same.  I seem to be taking a dream and bringing it into reality.  Very cool and exciting!  Yes, I want to write about that.

This blog has changed since I started. More recently I’ve been feeling as if the teacher aspect has decreased and a story teller aspect has surfaced yet then, well… let’s just say the more I pull in, the more changes.  This blog is just a collection of my stories/perspectives/sharings to those who might find them.  And a blog will help you find your soul family.  ♥  ♥  ♥   I used to get frustrated with finding a lengthy online article or a channeled message that didn’t have much substance. Yet, again, I’ve probably done this, too.  And why?  It encourages one to pull in and find their truth.  To do it, their way.  If you need an expert… one is closer than you think.  You are an expert of yourself.  I also realized some spiritual teaching are an illusion.  Mind – Blown.  They serve a purpose though.

So I will share an a-ha that was significant to me.  It involved my significant other.  He’s been a supporter of my journey yet I can’t say he’s a fan.  Why?  I’ve gone so out there, he can’t keep up.  I know that we each need to do our own thing/walk yet he’s a huge part of my journey.  He has allowed me to run wild and it feels so good to not need to run away.  We are better together.  Ascending with a partner/family… well, it is a miracle if you can make it together.  He makes me smile, is wise and I am blessed.  Leave no man/lightworker behind.

Spirit showed me that we trade soul aspects and therefore timelines all the time.  Often it happens due to the soul family we travel with.  We might decide to do something to make another happy and then this can align us to a certain timeline.  By letting go, we often free up energy and then come back into alignment with what feels like a more authentic/original blueprint.  Yet, really, any choice works out. In the end, they are all just experiences. Create the life you wish to experience.  When in doubt, check-in with your heart.  ♥

Okay, so this is more than enough for now. Know that you, too, are wise and make me smile!  I thank you for reading and even more so for being a part of my journey – our journey.  So often you have been my teacher and I am eternally grateful. This has been, amazing and you have made my life, rich.  All from just being, you. We are, blessed.

Thank you for leaving your energy here.  I ❤ YOU!


Just a day later I’d read this and adding here, yes!

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