Stop, Drop and… Roll

If you follow along, you know I post in a variety of, styles.  At times I have my teacher/messenger outfit on, or Spirit/my creative writer is on board, and then at times I am a very humble and vulnerable human being who just writes and shares.  I guess this is a mix yet, more of the later.  This is one of those post that is more to document the journey/process part; a snapshot.

You just never know with a spiritual, “soon” (a brief blogging break).  That might be the next minute or next life.  I wasn’t sure what/when I’d post again.  A blogger gets used to posting.  To be honest I was about to trash this post or mark it as private but was then guided this might be what some will feel/experience in late August – September (the next big energy wave for many).  By then many will have absorbed much, like a sponge and will need a ringing out.

So… It’s not that I saw any signs to, stop.  Spirit didn’t whisper it in my ear either… and I didn’t know.  Yet… in a moment I knew something wasn’t as it should be.  The past few weeks have been accelerated.  Really, it started a few months ago.  I wondered if this was a test.  Spirit encouraged many to LIVE months ago – in a new way.  And pretty quickly (or at least for me) life got busy.  This wasn’t a test though of how much could one do… that would be the old you.  So I knew I needed to, STOP.  To disconnect… and to reassess.  And not for a meditation (that had been working just fine) but for, days.  I had to practice what I know and write… and just about all of it.  Truth surfaces if we just allow it to.  And the timing was perfect, a full moon will bring much, to light.

What I realized was, I was in a loop.  Yes, this has happened before.  I spent enough time clearing/purging/healing the past (including past lives and karma) and then making amends/adjustments/peace with the present.  Since some of this clearing work can be very painful, you can also stay stuck in pain, struggle and misery.  One day an a-ha came and I was done with that.  If you aren’t careful you can stay stuck in the past (or present) for the rest of your life.  I know, all there is, is now yet it is nice to dream/play in the future as well.

Yet, now I realized I was again in a loop.  An upgrading loop.  You can also stay here as long as you’d like.  Interesting since both basically lasted for 9 months… 9=completion.  Know that both healing and upgrading work is never, done.  It just happens differently.

I felt like everything became so accelerated within a few days… it was all spinning.  This basically means that you are ready to let go of many old timelines/stuff but it might take more than a meditation or good night’s sleep.  While I’ve written on the changes that are coming for this wave, mine were trying to happen, right now, as I was continuing on as I have.

When you use your power to stop everything, at first it might be very quiet.  This is a hallway moment – before the next door opens.  It can last a day or for weeks.  At times we do need a time of do no thing.  So I found myself pondering and then questioning, everything.  When you stop, you discover what is real.  I was then making some realizations and decisions.  I needed to make some changes.  Well, they have been made.  It can be that simple.  It came back to… what do I love?  What is the best use of my energy?  What is really me and brings sheer joy?  I’ve worked too hard to align to anything less.

I was also making some observations.  I write just to share and maybe more so… clearing for me, yet at some point, it might resonate with another.

This vortex of energy was also compounded by being a supporter and an observer of many.  Some online, some in groups and my everyday life.  I have loved every second of it but I needed to let go.  It is possible to have spiritual or love and light overload and at times this can also be felt as burnout.  Normally it just flows through you but at times a block can form and you don’t even realize it.

Spirituality will become a lifestyle yet you often change, how.  Often one may want to do/participate in it all yet you will get to a point where you realize there is so much available (when possibly before you felt like there was very little).  You may feel like you’re on a roll and in your lane… AND this is the perfect time to pull over and smell the roses.  This is not a race nor about volume/mass/numbers either.

At some point you may find yourself in the middle of a spiritual discussion (good) or even a spat (also good) – who’s right, who’s wrong… when really… who cares.  I try to be light about this knowing that it’s passion that drives many of these pushes. Lightworkers are being affected by the energy.  I personally believe in both duality and Oneness since both practices/teachings/ways of being serve a purpose.  Love it all.  And we are all doing the best that we can.

So many are speaking/writing/teaching their truth (yah) yet it can also be confusing and overwhelming when you are trying to find yours.  In the end, while much may resonate, only you can decided what is best for you.  To some a word choice/experience is a good thing yet another can label it as, bad.  Some think being a lightworker is a bad thing – gheez.  (It happens to be a popular online article.)  Many on a spiritual journey are trying to understand something that can’t always be understood, here.  It’s just not meant to.  Yet we all are trying in our own way.  It is though a very personal and holy experience – honor it.  And you might find many who fear/judge it… including at times yourself 🙂

It is though interesting to observe spiritual people and what/when they judge/label.  Trust that I’m not exempt from this either!  So no wonder so many spiritual people seem to disappear.  They know enough and don’t need to get caught up in what one could say is the muck or public side of it.  I write on this because, as more and more take this journey, they will see the opinions/information/stories/truth and… it is all one.  In time you will see what is driving it all.  It is a great time to practice Namaste, allowing, patience and being open.  And to return to your home for your own discernment and to clear your channel and often.  Why?

Because sometimes when an ending is coming, we hold on even tighter.  To what we know and love.  We try even harder (possibly unbeknownst to us)… when all we have to do is stop, let go and trust.  A new beginning is just waiting for you to be ready; a new future reality is trying to come to you as you hold on.  One is not to hold on… even to Spirituality.  Your spiritual journey will morph as many times as you allow it.

Can I just note here… ascending.  The word in itself holds an answer.

So now… I even needed to let everything, DROP.   And then I actually finished and clean up what needed to be done pretty quickly (verses feeling like I needed to keep up).  Basically, I took the resistance out of the equation.  For me balance and not being rushed is very important.  I felt very present again.  I was seeing what was important.  It was right in front of me.  Being present in everything you do is possible yet also impossible in our modern times.

I also became clear about the following:  All good things must come to an end so that GREAT can start.  Nothing real can be threatened.  And… things can change in a heart beat.  ♥

At times we just need silence.  No interruptions so that your truth can come to you.  And it will… in doing the mundane… in doing something you think severs no purpose yet it becomes a great teaching/moment… in doing something that is fun and relaxing.  When you disconnect and all other energies are removed, you will find out who you really are.  I’ve actually had several of these moments. It can seem a bit (or even a lot) contra productive when you are in a momentum.  You many even feel fragile or uncertain yet know there is another side to this.  This journey can take incredible focus, time and patience.  And it takes choices.  At times one might need to ask, what am I focusing on?

If your feeling the heat/acceleration/that something just isn’t right, as a child many of us where taught a drill, to stop, drop and roll.  You might not even realize you’re on fire 🙂  Being on fire in a spiritual or slang way can be an awesome thing yet…  not always.

Often it is to embrace what you just can’t see or understand, yet.  It is a time to enjoy your energy verses being under the influence of another’s.  Possibly your own when a new version of you is calling.  Talk about getting out of one’s own way.  I did feel like I freed up energy and got clear on many issues.  Often this is enough and it is time to again, ROLL.

A ship is safe in harbor, but that’s not what ships are for. ~ William G.T. Shedd

Yet, you get to decide though how you, roll.  You might just decide the silence or simple is liquid gold in itself.  Give yourself as much time as you need.  For me I’m not going to fast since the course seems to be changing at a moment’s notice.  I’ve been guided to read and write a bit less and remain open.  Another great transformation is under way.  There are so many options available and I’m being reminded on a daily basis to think higher.  Then it seems as if Spirit then drops, more truth.  Always.  🙂  ❤   This is co-creating at its best!  Step by step, moment by moment, we love and live.

Thank you for reading.

9 comments on “Stop, Drop and… Roll

  1. Oh Molly, I AM hugging you right now! You have put into words exactly what I have been expericing! The pulling away from writing as much for a time, the internal fire (have literally felt heat internally as well as kept being presented with the word fire). Things have felt like they are coming fast and furious this past week. Just wow! Thank you for your wonderful way with words!

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    • And I am hugging YOU! I had a dream of an apartment building on fire – symbolic. I stood there and was very calm. I knew the inside needed to burn and that it would be rebuilt. The outside structure could withstand it. Interesting. It’s as if we need to find a way to ground now since more energy/adventure/etc. is coming. 🙂 I love you.


  2. Thank you for sharing your truth. Yes, I do apologize for not Blogging. I have only made about 6 posts so far this month… usually I can have 6 posts in a day (if I am on a roll.)

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